1/4 Garza rumors continue

The Cubs are listening to offers for Matt Garza but no team has presented a package of elite prospects that matches what Theo & Co. want in return. On Wednesday, Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe reported that Major League sources are saying the Cubs will part with Garza if another team is willing to deal three prospects from a team’s “A” list. The Red Sox, Yankees, and Blue Jays were known to be interested in Garza. The Cubs have entertained offers for the right-hander.

Tigers GM Dave Dombrowski told the Detroit News that he did not offer pitching prospect Jacob Turner for Matt Garza. The Tigers did actively pursue Gio Gonzalez but Dombrowski said there are no ongoing trade talks for starting pitching. Says Dombrowski: “There’s been a lot of things written in recent weeks that have been totally incorrect.”

— Carrie Muskat


Good for Theo, nice to have somebody playing hardball for once. The price goes up during the penant drive!!!

actually i believe the price may actually go down the longer we wait… only thing that would up the price is a team desperate to make a run or a team with injuries… both of which could happen but not an absolute. I also don’t want more pitching specs…. give this team what it needs… SOME POWER!!!!!!!!!!!

I think Garza has a proven track record and youth on his side and will maintain his value into the season making him a needed piece to a contending team this late summer.

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