1/6 AL teams talk to Cubs about Soriano

The Cubs traded Carlos Zambrano to the Marlins on Thursday. Could Alfonso Soriano be next to go? According to reports, the Orioles were one of a few American League teams who talked to the Cubs about a possible deal involving Soriano. FOX Sports’ Ken Rosenthal reported Thursday the Cubs could not find a match for the outfielder after talking to a few teams. Soriano, who turns 36 on Saturday, is owed $54 million over the final three years of his contract.

On Thursday, Theo Epstein was asked about Soriano, and said the outfielder is still a valuable offensive player and that it’s up to the Cubs to get the best out of him.

— Carrie Muskat


If the trade fits, go for it. Don’t just toss Soriano away. Get someone worthy for him.

something worthy? I’m glad if a team is willing to give up a bucket of BP balls for him. That would already a win-win situation for the Cubs

Of course they can’t expect a bluechip prospect, but try to get someone for him, if an American league team wants him, or better yet, anything at all if the team that takes him agrees to asorb all Sorry-O-No contract. Would free up lots of $$$$ make a true, real run of Cesprade or what ever his name is.

Right you are Belgian. Tossing him like a scrap of paper into the wastebasket would work too. ‘WORTHY’ You got to be kidding me. If an AL team gives us the time of day about Soriano we should kiss their feet. Epstein’s idea of “getting the best out of him” = TRADE. If the Cubs take a 15 million dollar hit per year (like they just did for one year of Zambrano’s contract) they will get out of about 9 million total AND have an ACTUAL OUTFIELDER (anybody else will pretty much suffice) in LF instead of the plodding, eroding, unintelligent (when it comes to tracking, routing, and judging flyballs), undisciplined “power” hitter (ha!) Soriano. He can’t hit for average, his power is random, his swing is wild, his defense is terrible, his legs are shot….what Soriano have YOU been watching Bill? The best thing Soriano has going for him is his perfect teeth and great smile. Worthy….PUHLEEZ!!

If the Orioles would take Soriano in a trade, I hope RHP Rick VandenHurk comes our way. He is much better than his ERA shows. The high numbers come from starts, but he had good outings coming in from then ‘pen. And he is a very good clubhouse addition.

He doesn*t even have a genuine smile!

O.K. mayble not geniune, I don’t know but it certainly is one of the few things he actually displays, unlike hustling to first, quality ab’s, good fielding etc. I think the majority of us would like to see him follow Zambrano out the door…

Was it Henie Youngman who used to say “Now take my wife, please”? Epsteins got to say “Now take Soriano, please”.

That idiot Epstein will probably get Felix Pie for Soriano

WOW, we have another Hendry relative??? I’ll take Pie for Soriano, release Pie and STILL call Epstein a genius. ANY move that removes one of the worst contracts and outfielders in Cubs history would be well received by all but Chad…I guess. An idiot GM would be one that absorbs all of Soriano’s contract, hate to break the news to you Bill but that ain’t gonna happen. I’m with Belgian, a bucket of BP balls would be nice…but not a deal breaker!!!

I think everyone knows the Cubs can’t get any player worth wearing a jock strap for Sorry-O-No, but if some team in the American league wants him, make it a trade where the America league teams picks up Sorry-O-No’s entire contract. The AmericanLeaguers can sweeten the deal by giving the Cubs an old fungo bat.

If EVERYONE knows Soriano isn’t even worth a jock strapless (?? ouch) player why would ANYBODY pick up the terrible contract Hendry signed approved for Soriano? Did Hendry get a GM gig somewhere? I must have missed that. There may be no Hendry-like GM out there anymore, he was after all the last of a breed, a mixed breed….of…..bad and worse. I believe you contradict yourself bill. IF Theo pulls a rabbit out of his hat an managese to TRADE Soriano instead of releasing him it might just be for an old fungo bat you mention. But to take on his contract? Only in Hendry land, I’m afraid.

One can only dream.

O.K. bill, now I completely understand and will not argue. Dreams are what helped us Cubs fans get through the Hendry years and will help get us through the rebuilding years.
I’m on board buddy. Come on Theo, launch Soriano…please don’t crush our dreams, they’re all we have left.

I’ve been a Cub fan for 70+ my brother even longer. Our dad was a life long Cub fan lived almost 89 yrs, he dreamed about the Cubs winning a World series, never lived to see it. Saw them in series, but always the losing team. Gotta hold on to dreams.

I just read that the Cardinals have signed Koyie Hill (ouch!) to a minor league contract. If the Cardinals are foolish or desperate enough to include Hill on their major league squat that can only improve the chances of the Cardinals NOT BEATING us as much as they used to. First Pujols leaves and now Hill may join the team??? Holy Cow! Are the Cardinals hell-bent on getting BAD? Maybe Holiday will suffer a spring training inury and Epstein can pawn off Soriano on them!! Ha! Oh the joy!!!

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