1/6 Rizzo thrilled to be back with Theo & Co.

Anthony Rizzo was “ecstatic” at the news that he’d been traded again, and was going to the Cubs. He’s back with the group that originally drafted him when Theo Epstein, Jed Hoyer and Jason McLeod were in Boston.

“I got called up to the big leagues last year and struggled a little bit,” Rizzo said Friday. “I wouldn’t say some people wrote me off, but some people I guess lost some faith in me. For them to still have that faith, with everything they helped me through, it just shows me how loyal they are and how honored I am to play for them.

“This is such a big business,” Rizzo said. “I’ve seen it now for the last five years how much of a business it is. Everyone I’ve spoken to talks about how professional Theo is, how straightforward he is with everyone. It means a lot to me to be with them again.”

When the Padres dealt for Yonder Alonso, did Rizzo think he might get traded again?

“I couldn’t even tell you,” Rizzo said. “I figured something would happen, but I wasn’t completely sure. I just went on with my offseason and trained as hard as I’m training to prepare for next year, wherever it was. Now I’m a Cub and hopefully will remain a Cub for many years to come.”

In 2008, Rizzo was limited to 21 Minor League games after being diagnosed with Limited Stage Classical Hodgkins Lymphoma in late April. He returned in ’09 to lead all Red Sox Minor Leaguers with a .368 on-base percentage and ranked third in the system with a .297 batting average between Class A Greenville and Class A Salem. 

“From the very bottom of the organization to the very top, to the ownership, when I was sick, they didn’t only help me out, they helped my family out and made sure everything was going to be OK,” Rizzo said of Epstin & Co. “To be back with the main people who were around me is just an honor. It’s a real exciting opportunity and I hope to make the best of it.”

— Carrie Muskat



Finally, after giving Zambrano away for almost nothing, Epstein and company pulled off a good one. Rizzo is going to be fixture at Wrigley for years to come. This time I think the Cubs are on the winning side of a Broglio for Brock deal, changing the names to Cashner and Rizzo. Good work, guys!

Please if this guy was so good he would not have been dealt the cubs will be lucky to win 50 games this year.

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