1/6 Zambrano says goodbye

Carlos Zambrano was always entertaining, and you never wanted to miss his starts with the Cubs. He had the potential to throw a no-hitter — which he did — or throw something else. Zambrano issued a statement through a friend on Thursday following his trade to the Marlins:

“I’d like to thank the Chicago media and reporters for more than 10 years covering me and supporting me in the good times and bad,” Zambrano said. “I tried my best to answer all your questions and I thank you for having patience with me and please forgive my poor behavior at times. Chicago will always be in my heart.”

— Carrie Muskat


Carlos who????

It’s too bad that Cubs fans can’t just move on and accept the fact that Zambrano did a lot of good things for this team. It got ugly at the end, and sometimes got ugly in the middle, but he always put his best effort out there which is a lot more than you can say for some guys.

This Cubs fan hopes for only good things for Zambrano. Maybe we’re better without him. I don’t know. But I’m hoping things go well for with the Marlins (except against the Cubs of course).

Zambrano’s success is now a moot point, I wish him as much success as I do Hendry.
THE CUBS need to get better and Epstein is making strides. Moving on.

LAME. Big Z is lucky he didn’t get lynched before he left. Glad to see the Cubs moving on from CRAZY.

Baseball is and always be a TEAM sport!

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