1/9 Cubs reportedly close on Maholm

FOX Sports’ Ken Rosenthal reports the Cubs are close to finalizing a deal for lefty Paul Maholm. He could join a rotation of Matt Garza, Ryan Dempster, Travis Wood, Chris Volstad and Randy Wells. Maholm has spent his entire career with the Pirates, and having another lefty in the rotation would be a plus. The only thing certain is the Cubs are still shopping.

“We’re not finished acquiring starting pitchers,” GM Jed Hoyer said Friday. “We want to have as much depth as possible. At this point, we’re still very much in the process of gathering as many quality arms as we can and we’ll put those pieces in place as we get closer to Spring Training.”

MLB Trade Rumors lists Maholm as the top ground ball free agent pitcher available. The average MLB pitcher induces ground balls about 44 percent of the time; in his career, Maholm has a 52.3 percent rate.

— Carrie Muskat


Heard a form Cubs player in an interview about the new Cubs leadership and the changes in the culture they’re making. He said that is only half of the issue playing at Wrigley. He talked about no access to the batting cages during games to work ona swing and the affects of the hot summer days with all the day games. Are these and other areas also being looked at? Any updates?

As long as the ground balls aren’t hit to SS….he’l do just fine.

Oh come on Joey, as long as Castro’s facing the right direction, he’ll get to most of them.

It’s not the actual fielding that is Castro’s problem, it’s the way he transfers the ball to his throwing hand and the bodyrotation he makes, resulting in bad throws. 7 out of 10 errors were actually throwing errors. He no Sorry-a-no who can’t even catch a ball if it’s placed in his glove.
I hope the Cubs give Lake a good view in Spring Training, and try Castro at 2B (shorter throwing distance, thus the ball can drift away less when throwing to 1B, therefor less errors)

In no way would I mean to compare Castro’s defense to the HORRID defense of Soriano.
However, before one throws the ball one must field the ball so the fewer balls fielded by Castro (or are we calling him Castronova now?) the fewer throwing errors as well. We need to admit he is not a great fielding shortstop, at least at this time in his career and if he doesn’t improve rather quickly….we may have our next left fielder with a strong arm….

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