1/10 Could Kerry Wood leave Cubs?

Kerry Wood sounds as if he is moving on. Wood appeared on WGN Radio’s Sports Night on Monday night, and said he wants to keep pitching. But he has yet to reach an agreement with the Cubs for 2012.

“Regardless of what happens, we’re still in Chicago, we’re dedicated to the city,” Wood said Monday. “Things will work out for me in the city of Chicago because we’re dedicated to the city, we’re dedicated to the community, we’re dedicated to helping children and again, we’re staying here, we’re raising our family here.

“I’m a Texas boy, but I feel like I’ve become a Chicagoan, so we’re happy to be here whether I finish here or whether I don’t, we plan on being here a long time.”

Last year, Wood unveiled the Wood Family Foundation, dedicated to helping children in the Chicago area. On Friday, he will host “Woody’s Winter Warmup” at Harry Caray’s on Navy Pier, a fund raiser for his foundation. Theo Epstein was scheduled to attend. Wood has been part of the Cubs since he signed at 18, returning last season when he agreed to a one-year, $1.5 million deal. He understands the fans want him to stay.

“There’s always time for change and there’s always room for it so we’ll just have to wait and see,” Wood said.

Last week, Epstein said the team was negotiating with Wood’s agents about a new deal.

“Kerry Wood is exactly the type of guy we want to build a winning culture here in Chicago,” Epstein said. “I would be greatly, greatly disappointed if we’re not able to bring him back.”

The Phillies are one of the teams that has shown interest in Wood.

— Carrie Muskat


Kerry Wood is just one of many players that we think it is too bad we did not win a championship with. Sandberg, Grace, Santo the list goes on. He’s a good player but
can no longer be retained just because “he’s a Cub, gosh darnit”. Yes, he could leave and move on just as Epstein is moving the entire team on. Let’s get past the emotional ties that bind, get out from under all the bad Hendry baggage (which Epstein seems to be doing) and put our faith in competent, thoughtful people with a plan such as Epstein and Hoyer.

I could live with him leaving the Cubs; afterall, he did it once and Ricketts said he’ll have a place in the Cubs front office someday. It sucks because Kerry is one of my favorites when he’s healthy, on the mound, or even in the batters box. If he leaves to keep pitching competitively, good luck, we’ll see you when you get back. Turnover is the best thing right now for this team to get it out of the way this year. Let’s get Soriano, Dempster, and Wells outta here and let everyone else play.

I just read that the Cardinals have signed Koyie Hill (ouch!) to a minor league contract. If the Cardinals are foolish or desperate enough to include Hill on their major league squat that can only improve the chances of the Cardinals NOT BEATING us as much as they used to. First Pujols leaves and now Hill may join the team??? Holy Cow! Are the Cardinals hell-bent on getting BAD? Maybe Holiday will suffer a spring training inury and Epstein can pawn off Soriano on them!! Ha! Oh the joy!!!

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