1/13 Castro issues statement

Cubs shortstop Starlin Castro issued a statement after he was questioned by Chicago police about allegations that he sexually assaulted a woman in late September.

“I personally, and through my attorneys, have fully cooperated with the police in this matter,” Castro said in the statement. “Unfortunately I cannot address the matter further at this time while the investigation is taking place. I understand that being a member of the Cubs means being a hard worker on the field and a good citizen off the field, and I always want to carry myself in a way that exceeds high expectations.”

No charges have been filed.

— Carrie Muskat


I always wondered about people that know they are innocent not coming forth and saying they are innocent. How could claiming one’s innocence interfere with an investigation?
Here’s hoping Castro has not committed his biggest error of his career and these allegations will be proven meaningless. Presume him innocence until proven guilty. Us Cubs fans know very well how to HOPE for the best yet PREPARE for the worst.

Are there degrees of innocence? If so, then we may see how the negotiations of that degree of innocence progress toward justice or a financial acommodation. No charges have been filed; no arrest has been made. How much negotiating will it take to achieve innocence?

Joey is “right on the money” again. Maybe, I should have used another espression rather than “right on the money”?

I’m not predicting this will happen…BUT….we live in a world where an “out of court settlement” is viewed as a vicory for both sides. Everybody gets to retain a sense of vindicaction and have the convenience of not addressing the matter even further do to the settlement. No winners or losers anymore, the “way it’s done” will have to suffice. IF this becomes the case why wouldn’t innocence be worth fighting for? Or is less guilty good enough. Best case scenario some woman was taking advantage of a young, wealthy, naive celebrity. But will we truly ever know without Castro fighting back? It sounds like I think Castro may have some responsability here if not some guilt. Nothing would beat an innocent VERDICT.

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