1/19 Byrd preps for 2012

Marlon Byrd has added a martial arts workout to his offseason regimen called Muay Thai (pronounced “moy tie”) and it’s helped him lose 40 pounds. A story will be posted on Cubs.com, but in the meantime, check out this video:


— Carrie Muskat


I was about to skip over this story because it didn’t have to do with trade talk and then I saw he lost 40 POUNDS! Quite frankly, as much as I wanted Byrd traded before to make room for young players like Jackson and Campana, now I would much rather see Byrd in action at least until Jackson is ready to come up in June or July. This could DRAMATICALLY enhance what the Cubs are able to get in return for Byrd by mid-season or (less likely, but possible) even change my mind about wanting Byrd traded right now at all. That being said, I don’t think anything will change my mind about trading Soriano to the AL to make room for these prospects if at all possible.

I feel the same way as Shea. I thought Byrd was getting a little to “thick” for lack of a better word and may have been costing him some speed both on the bases and in the field.
I have gone from kind of wanting to trade him to not mind keeping him. Certainly wouldn’t regret if he was still traded to make room for a younger and more promising player, especially if that player would be a lead off hitter which the team has been missing for far too long. Soriano remains a joke on this (or any) NL team and the lone albatross from Hendry’s misguided days as a our GM.

Marlon Byrd is not someone any team should want to let go. He has always been a workout beast and one of the best teammates you could have. He always goes out and gives 110%. Losing that 40 pounds should help him come back from a down year. His swing was becoming a bit long and his speed was slowly getting away from him. Now, hopefully he can get his bat speed up, swipe some bases, and extend his range in center field. Even if it doesn’t imporve, I would still want Bryd to be on this team because of his work ethic and leadership that will hopefully be an inspiration for our young outfielders.

Zogie, you are describing a veteran fourth outfielder. We have Johnson for that already. If the Cubs can trade Byrd for some more youth freeing up a spot for Cespedes or our own Bret Jackson that is what should be done. Byrd is not integral to this team, discovering more youth and talent is however.

I think you are forgetting that Byrd was an All-Star in 2010. After one bad year, you are already ready to get rid of him. Brett Jackson needs more time to develop and I believe Cespedes is a bit overrated. Both of them will need time to adjust. I know Byrd struggled with RISP all year, but he was just starting to heat up when he took a fastball to the face. In May, before he was hit, he was batting .344 AVG with .408 OBP. His stats fell off in August and September but he still had a decent AVG and OBP. So I have to ask. Do you believe Dejesus is a 4th outfielder because both players are rather similar? I’m not saying to not trade Byrd, but I believe that should come before the trading deadline. That would give Jackson and Cespedes time to adjust.

If Byrdie can lose 40 lbs. then I plan to lose 4 lbs. No more getting out of breath when I go for a hot dog. If he regains flexibility he may have one heck of a year!

Ty, if your are directing your question to me…yes, I believe DeJesus can be similarly described as a 4th outfielder. Big deal, where’s the diservice to Byrd you seem to be upset about? I did not say I WANT to launch Byrd as I mention about Soriano, I just wouldn’t mind seeing Byrd traded or DeJesus for that matter if it FINALLY opens the door for the guys deemed to have a better upside. It’s finding out about players like Jackson that seems to be more important than playing guys like Byrd and DeJesus…KNOWING what the are capable of producing. I agree that Cespedes may be overrated but we are talking about possibly replacing Byrd, Soriano or DeJesus with Cespede’s acquistion or the promotion of Jackson. We certainly wouldn’t be giving up on the likes of a Lou Brock type of player. Byrd is capable and dedicated, not necesarily a must keep player. And by the way, Byrd 40lbs lighter may very well elevate his performance so I certainly hope that happens should we keep him and I would certainly cheer him on. Not really an issue.

While I like Bryd*s professionalism I too am ready for the Cubs to turn Brett Jackson loose–enough being a prospect. I have been fortunate to watch him play in many games and he is basically a young Marlon with very similar abilities. Every spring training Marlon adopts him and they spend a lot of time together–he calls him “ROOK”Marlon would fit a team that is pennant contending and needs depth. Come on Theo and turn Brett loose.

So Ty, no more time for Jackson to develop? Trade Byrd to a contender? Turn Jackson loose in the majors?…..180 degrees then from your last comment?….welcome aboard.

I’m thinking you were looking at Zogie’s comment before, not Ty’s. Ty just wanted to lose some weight and eat hot dogs in his original post.

Yes! Very sorry Ty! I meant Zogie. I am completley on board with Ty’s comment regarding Byrd and Jackson. If 2012 will not be a post season run I hope Epstein makes it at least an exciting season by introducing the team’s future. (Thanks Shea)

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