1/19 Garza numbers updated

Matt Garza and the Cubs exchanged salary figures on Tuesday. The right-hander is seeking $12.5 million while the Cubs countered at $7.95 million. Usually, the team and player reach agreement on a halfway point, which, in this case, would be $10.225 million. Garza was 10-10 with a 3.32 ERA in 31 starts in his first season with the Cubs. He will be a free agent after the 2013 season. The Cubs avoided arbitration with six other players.

(Note: Garza’s numbers were incorrectly reported at first. The above fixes that.)




In other arbitration-related news, Carlos Pena signed a 1-year deal with TB for $7.25 million. If he hadn’t rejected the Cubs arbitration offer, the minimum he would have made was $8 million, and more likely in the $10-11 million range because of the system. I’m extremely surprised this story didn’t coincide with another story entitled, “Pena fires agent Scott Boras.” Now I definitely thought Pena would be able to get a multi-year deal from somebody worth more than his arbitration figure would be with all the first base needs this off-season, but Boras/Fielder holding out on a decision is also holding up a lot of those teams, another reason Pena should be upset with Boras.

7.25 million compared to the 10 million Hendry gave him….gee ya think Hendry over evaluated and over paid a player? NAH! CAN’T BE. This is what is so refreshing about Epstein. Sure he signs DeJesus for RF which I admit is about the only thing Epstein has done that is “Hendry like” ala Byrd’s deal, however DeJesus is on board for only two years compared to the three years Hendry gave Byrd. Epstein’s DeJesus signing and Hendry’s Byrd signing are nothing to overly criticize either GM for doing, but what is nice is Epstein not having the “gotta have Pena” because of lack of options and NO FAITH in the youth (LaHair) attitude that Hendry surely would have displayed YET AGAIN. More than likely Hendry would have signed Pena for two years at a similar 10 million salary completley dismissing the options of LaHair or trading for another young player (Rizzo). This is going to be a great turn around for our beloved Cubs! No more desperate GM with a lack of vision.

As always I have to agree and disagree with you Joey. You are right on with Hendry over evaluating and over paying players, Pena was our leader in OBP last year and saved Castro about another 10-15 errors, but he was defiantly not worth $10M. Too bad the Cubs will still be paying him $5M this year. Some other deals that killed our payroll the last few years were Fukudome, Silva, Zambrano, Dempster, and our beloved Soriano. Compared to those deals, Bryd’s deal looks amazing. Epstein did a fantastic job signing Maholm and DeJesus with the payroll leftover. Once the contracts of Zambrano, Soriano, and Dempster are finally over, then Epstein can really upgrade this team along with bringing in our new youth movement. It will be a great turnaround. Another thing I have researched is that the cubs should have 10-20M still to spend this off-season, so don’t be surprised if the cubs get Cespedes, Soler, and possibly Gerardo Concepcion

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Regardless of who, what, where, when, and why, Garza was probably wondering if the Cubs really wanted him as their STAR pitcher. Now that he has been given a one year contract, why not make him feel wanted. The Cubs can do that…..go and get him a duplicate of his stolen ring. Come September, the Cubs will realize they acted wisely.

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