1/24 Cubs linked to Cespedes, Concepcion

Cuban outfielder Yoenis Cespedes has established residency in the Dominican Republic and now is waiting for approval from Major League Baseball to be declared a free agent, his representative Edgar Mercedes told MLB.com’s Jesse Sanchez. Cespedes, who was playing for Aguilas in the Dominican Winter League, has said the Marlins, Cubs, White Sox, Orioles, Tigers and Indians are interested in him. The outfielder was expected to command a contract greater than the one Cuban left-handed pitcher Aroldis Chapman signed in 2010 when he agreed to a six-year, $30.25 million deal with the Reds.

The Cubs also are reportedly one of the teams interested in Cuban pitcher Gerardo Concepcion. His agent, Jaime Torres, listed the Cubs, Rangers, Yankees and White Sox as some of the teams that have shown interest in the lefty. Concepcion was 10-3 with a 3.36 ERA in 21 games last season. He defected from Cuba last June and established residency in Mexico. He was declared a free agent last week.

— Carrie Muskat


Whatever helps move Soriano off the roster works for me, bring on Cespedes.
Read in MLB Trade Rumors, the following:
Free agent Raul Ibanez believes that a three-day session that he had in December with Cubs hitting coach Rudy Jaramillo will be key to a bounce back season in 2012.
Really? O.K. Rudy…and three YEARS with Soriano will be key for…???? A sow’s ear is still a sow’s ear.

We need to be careful with Cespedes.. he could be 29…. could be using PEDs… could never learn to hit the outside slider (see Soriano)… could never make it to the majors…all for 10 million per year for 6 years. 10 mill is a lot of dough per year to a guy in AAA

I believe your math is a bit off Petrey. I don’t believe anyone will sign him to a 6 year 60M deal, maybe Jim Henry but not Epstein. To me, Soriano and Cespedes seem rather similar, but I would rather pay Cespedes $7M than Soriano’s $18M. I agree that Epstein should be cautious with this sign.

cespedes has be linked to getting 60 mill dollar contract… look it up… been in pretty much every article about the guy. Yes its too much but I could see some mystery team throwing that kinda money at him….. I hope it is not the cubs

It is a tough call to SIGN Cespedes for big money, yet not a tough call to gamble with the upside of any younger player that COULD be a huge improvement over the inferior if not harmful Soriano. Not our money and we are used to even bigger dollars being blown by Hendry so I hope Epstein goes for it which would absolutley set the departure of Soriano in motion which would make the money to Cespedes more palatable because of the subsequent removal of Soriano. Unless it’s Byrd that gets moved, Cespedes plays center and Soriano remains in LF then it doesn’t sound like the gift we fans our hoping for.

You are right. They are linking him to a 60M dollar contract, but I believe that is about the highest deal possible. Some teams are thinking 8yr 60M, but realistically 10M a year is way too costly for someone who maybe a flop. I’m no expert on Cuban pro-ball, but I’ll go out on a limb and compare it to AAA ball or players that could be considered 4-A. I do not mean to disrespect, but would you give a huge contract to a high achieving AAA player? LaHair and Rizzo both preformed greatly at AAA and combined make about S1M, but they are not considered star players or great players yet. My point is that Cespedes may have dominated Cuban ball, but giving him $10M a year without him even playing in the MLB one game is risky business.

Hey, we’ve been toughened by the absolute HORRENDOUS waste of BIG money on players such as Milton Bradley, Carlos Zambrano, Ryan Dempster and Fukodome…..throwin’ some cash at a young cuban stud is nothing copared to what Hendry did. If they could take a chance and waste millions on a foreign league “star” player like Kouldhe Fooladumme (evidently…HE COULD, AND DID) what’s a little love for a younger foreign league player with greater ptotential like Cespedes? Roll the dice Epstein, then roll Soriano.

haha classic joey…. can’t move on from the past…. every comment has hendry in it… you need to talk to a therapist dude… we all know soriano is crippling us but we have new leadership… new era… 10 mill per year is way too much for Cespedes… i wouldn’t go over 8 mill with his recent play in the DR….. throw in some incentives and see if this guy really wants to work to make it to the MLB

I am here for your amusement friend petrey. A player like Soriano who is admittedly crippling us should be paramount in removing from the roster at any cost. I would think of it this way… 28 million dollars a year (Cespede’s 10 mil + Soriano’s tasty meal of 18 mil) gets you at least 3 things all of which improves the organization and the chances of winning ballgames:
1. Cespedes
2. No Soriano
3. The bag of balls received for Soraino from a desperate AL team. Said bag of balls
will at least help some minor leaguers’ batting practices.
Again, if it were my money I admit I wouldn’t be as “free” with it but I am just basing my opinion on precedent. That precedent being a LOT of money was spent by He Who Shall Remain Nameless (Que Storm Trooper theme music….) in worse ways. I believe the new leadership should be given the opportunity to “waste” a lot of money as well as long as it INCLUDES removing the players that were ill advisedly obtained by He Who Shall Remain Nameless. Sounds fair to me to not have our new leadership handicapped by the most agregious of mistakes by …. by… yes…. He Who Shall Remain Nameless.

Soriano this, Soriano that. My gosh, compare Alfonso’s stats to Byrd’s. Now tell me who should head on down the road. Marlon Byrd needs to go.

O.K. about Byrd, so what? What POINT are you making wade? Byrd can go too for all I care but doesn’t NEED to go. The difference is Byrd is not lowering our standard of defense and is NOT one of Hendry’s HORRENDOUS, OVER PAID, WASTE OF MONEY AND SPACE acquisitons. Byrd is just an acquired player that happened to be available and Hendry in all his genius thought “why not Byrd for center field?”. And although that is a poor way (yet routine for Hendry) to acquire players it certainly is not the worst thing Hendry has done (I think I just defended Hendry?) and to compare Byrd with Soriano is a slight to Byrd, a JUSTIFIABLE player to have on any team. Maybe not what the Cubs NEED but definatly a player that serves multiple purposes unlike the less than one dimensional Soriano. We can say Soriano routinely costs the Cubs bases, runs and outs but not so with Byrd.

funny thing is you want to go from an overpaid player Soriano and a bargin price deal on a Marlon Byrd for an OVERPAID, UNPROVEN Cuban prospect who hasn’t even played baseball above the equivalent of Double A…. Cespedes is wanting around 10 mill per year and if he doesn’t pan out then what? At least we are getting some value from Soriano and if you factor in the bargin we are getting on Byrd then its really not that bad…. maybe overpaid by 4 or 5 million…..on a team with a playroll near 125 to 130 mill (previous years) thats not to bad…. I would love to be able to get rid of Soriano and get some good spects back for Byrd but don’t expect that to happen with out us getting bent over in the deal…. MOVE ON!!! We are stuck with Byrd for 1 more year and soriano for 3… then we can move on

Not a funny thing at ll and I don’t respond well to orders and will move on as I see fit, besides this makes for good fun on Carrie’s blog during the down time of the baseball season. I did not say Byrd was a bargain just that he was not one of Hendry’s HORRENDOUS, OVER PAID, WASTE OF MONEY AND SPACE acquisitons. Nor did I say I want to get rid of BYRD in order to make room for Cespedes, just SORIANO, try reading my comment again you’ll get it sooner or later. It’s just two paragraphs up if you have difficulty navigating to it petrey. In fact, Byrd is far from a bargain but a much more tolerable “bad contract”. And if Cespedes doesn’t pan out…then what? Then nothing, who cares if all the money paid to Soriano AND Cespedes is a big waste? That’s my point, Soriano is Soooooo bad for THIS team it will be worth paying more just to get rid of him. You see, I would love to get rid of Soriano too petrey, that’s where we agree. Where we disagree I suppose is that I don’t care what it costs to do so nor do I care if we get anything in return as I believe what will be received in “return” will be his ABSENCE. So yes, I will take my chances with who YOU describe as an OVERPAID, UNPROVEN Cuban prospect who hasn’t even played baseball above the equivalent of Double A. At least you admit he is a prospect which is a heck of a lot better than being a dissaopointment regardless of “some value” (THERE’S a ringing endorsement). AND being cuban has nothing to do with this, maybe you have something against cubans? And you want ME to move on???? I love Cubans.

For the first time in history, I totally agree with Joey. Very surprising. First thing is Cespedes will be getting a decent contract, but a lot of teams won’t risk giving him $10M a year since he has not proved himself yet. No one will be giving him $10M to play in AAA. This whole off-season has been about making moves that benefit us in the future, but there has not been much risk. This guy has crazy upside. A 5 tool player. Now is the time to have at least one risk. Epstein should be allowed at least one risk for the job he has done this off-season. He has already saved us 10-15M so why not sign Cespedes? Also, thanks Joey for giving me a laugh.

Awesome! Zogie, you are so welcome.

joey i am telling you right now Byrd is a bargin….not FAR FROM A BARGIN…. Byrd would get more money playing for another team. END OF STORY!!! You wanna know how I know this? Well I looked at his stats!!! WHAT!?!?!? YES his stats not his CONTRACT… 1 WAR = a current market value of aroudn 5mill…. give or take… over the past 2 years Byrd has give us 4.2 WAR (baseball ref)…. 4.2 * 5 = 21 mill. of value…. how much have the cubs paid Byrd? 8.5 mill total…. end of story… and you now want to talk bad contracts from Hendry’s past? Why don’t you open ur eyes and look at the bad contracts Theo has given… crawford, drew, dice-k, etc…. and you sit there and think he is flawless (basically) and rip on Hendry… also don’t forget where Hendry ALMOST got us… farther than any GMs in the recent history of the Cubs. BACK OFF!!! MOVE ON!!!! Do some research before you start running your mouth…10 mill per year for an unproven player out of Cuba WILL NOT HAPPEN!!! Mark down these words…. CESPEDES WILL NOT GET 10 mill per year!!

let me rephase that…. if he does get 10 mill per year it will NOT be a good contract… someone (marlins) might throw some ridiculous money at him to draw fans and attention but it won’t be Theo……

go ahead and add an aging Varitek, and John f’in Lackey to Theo’s list too…you’re welcome

Time for a little creative research of my own. Jim Hendry vs. Theo Epstein. Jim Hendry’s Bad Contracts consist of Ryan Dempster 4 yr-$52M contract, Alfonso Soriano 8 yr-$136M, Carlos Zambrano 5yr- 91.5M, Milton Bradley 3yr-$30M, Kosuke Fukudome 4 yr-$48M, John Grabow 2yr- $7.5M, Carlos Pena 1yr-10M, Carlos Marmol 3yr-20M, Xavier Nady 1 yr- 3.3M, Jacque Jones 3yr-16M, Aaron Miles 2 yr-4.9M. These were just a few examples. Henry’s main damage came from backloading many contracts. This is why Soriano, Dempster, and Zambrano have such hefty contracts. Pena was an ok sign, but sadly we will still be paying him $5M this season. Carlos Silva is another bad contract the cubs picked up, but it did rid us of Milton Bradley. Now for Theo, John Lacky 5yr- $82.5M, J.D. Drew 5yr- $70M, Julio Lugo 4yr- $36M, Matt Clement 3yr-$25M, Mike Cameron 2yr-15.5M, Carl Crawford 7yr- 142M, Daisuke Matsuzaka 6yr- $52M. These are just a few examples. Epstein has had some huge whiffs with big contracts as well as Henry and some say he is the reason for the Red Sox collapse. On the other hand, Epstein did find some hidden gems that propelled the Red Sox to becoming world champs. Hendry was not the greatest at building from within the system. Epstein created a solid farm system which allowed them to compete for years. On a final note, Epstein has saved the Cubs organization 10-15M this offseason, so let him try to find that one lost gem with Cespedes.

Boy Petrey, if you did not dictate the end of the story I might have responded but you even used multiple exclamation marks, you must be serious. Not to mention you referred to the end of the story twice. Twice! Ahhhhh….so what, I’ll risk your wrath but please, my liege forgive me (and evidently Zogie as well oh, and all the other commentators that exhibit free will in a free country by conveying OPINIONS). I am but a humble Cubs fan and should have known I have no freedom to speek my own thoughts in the Kingdom of Petrey. And just so I get it right you are ordering this to be the end of the story, ordering me to move on, ordering me to back off (from you? Hendry? Huh?), ordering me to do research before running my mouth (most mature people that are not addicted to the exclamation mark would call it OPINING). Boy, I hope you get over your disdain for Cubans…what does “out of Cuba” have to do with whether or not Cespedes gets 10 mil or not? I love Cubans. I have to wonder if not only do you think Byrd (the bargain that he is) would get more money playing for another team (maybe one of the teams that was beating his door down when Hendry shrewdly signed him to THREE YEARS?) do you also think Pena (the bargain that he was cough, gag) would get more than the 10 million that Hendry signed him for? We’ll see…oh wait, Tampa already signed him for SEVEN MILLION, oops. Oh well, apples oranges…what’s the difference, misguided contracts are misguided contracts and I suppose Hendry can take his wisdom and keep the Yankee dynasty going now…. Whether 5 million, 10 million, 20 million or more as long as it facilitates the removal of Soriano it’s a good contract even if Cespedes nevers sets foot in Wrigley Field. I would take Varitek and Lackey for Soriano and if I had to release them both….hey we all know there will be a big price to pay IF Soriano is somehow launched whether it’s paying a prospect (yes petrey EVEN A CUBAN, oh my) way too much money, taking on his entire salary for a bag of balls, retiring his number on a flag pole and hoping he buys it…whatever it takes I hope that Theo is up for the challenge and afforded the same courtesy Hendry was afforded while dishing out bad contract after bad contract. Anyway we no longer have to mark down your words right? I mean you already rephrased so…

Zogie, you are spot on. Both GM’s had bad contracts as all GM’s have. But you clearly make your point that Theo’s bad contracts are more easily forgiven when a farm system actually produces or hmmmm A WORLD SERIES IS WON instead of “almost getting there”. Maybe petrey would be happy if Hendry was the GM of a horse shoe tossing team? Nice work zogie!

hey zogie thanks for making my argument so much easier… add up those contracts and see who has more BAD debt… who does? come on I know you can add…. o and don’t forget the 51.1 million posting fee for Dice-k…. ya thats what I thought THEO DOES!!! almost 55mill more…. Sure he won the WS and thats all fine and dandy… thats the thing he has over Hendry…experience winning… which is why I love Theo but you guys are jumping all over Hendry for no reason…. you wanna talk backloaded contracts again please look at ANY big contract and you will see most of the are backloaded. You guys continue to not show any stats for your argument. I don’t really see Marmol’s contract as a bad contract bc while there are cheaper options that could produce at least what he did last year he still only needs to produce 4 WARs over the 3 years of his contract which he produced almost 1 last year and could easily rebound and post a 3 WAR this year which then any production you get year 3 is a BONUS… yep a bonus…surplus production for his pay… carlos pena, even tho I hated the guy, was worth every bit of his 10mill contract bc he got 2.2 WAR…. 2.2 times 5= 11….he was worth 11 mill in todays market. Ya TB got a good deal on Pena’s 7.5 mill but Pena’s production is on the down swing so its a good sign for them. Also if you are goign to argue with me about a difference of 2.5 mill on a player I am going to ignore you because 2.5 mill to the cubs payroll is less than 2 %….. give me a break… ya we still own him 5 mill this year but again that isn’t going to hinder us financially… you know how much I hated Pena but the fact is he was worth more than what we paid him which makes me cringe….I don’t understand your hatred towards Byrd, he works hard, performs at an above average level and is a CHEAP contract… whats not to like about him? When you bring some hard evidence to the table I am here to listen other keep ranting about Hendry because you are looking like the typical uninformed fan…..

Petrey, most of your argument is about the WAR stat. I know that some people believe 1 WAR=5 Million, but it has a lot of flaws. Quick Question: Who was the leader in WAR last season? Answer: Jacob Ellsbury with 9.6. So that would be $48 Million. Nobody is going to get that contract. Oh and look an excellent sign for Theo. Dustin Pedroia, 8.0 WAR= $40M, Adrian Gonzalaz 6.6 WAR= 33M, David Ortiz 4.2 WAR= 21M. My point WAR system is flawed because nobody usually gets a contract worth their WAR. Another reason why WAR is flawed would be that different sites have different numbers. Marmol’s contract is way too backloaded. He made $3M last year which was reasonable, but this year he will make $7M, and next year $10M. That will be hard to trade if he continues to have bad years. On a final note, I love Marlon Byrd. I really hope his off-season workouts help him to a bounce back season. Do the Byrd!

Petrey….Huh? You hate Pena. You think Pena was worth every bit of his 10 million dollar contract. You think Pena is worth 11 million dollars in today’s market…then I guess he needs a new agent or for Hendry to land another GM gig…because…Pena got “only” 7.5 million from the Tampa Bay beause….Pena’s production is on the down swing…so…make up your mind? Even the way YOU phrase it, Pena still comes out looking like one of Hendry’s bad signings. Zogie, thank YOU for bringing some sanity to this blog. Also, I don’t see how one can perceive a hatred for Byrd from our comments, more like that we just wish we can do better than Byrd filling a certain need THIS particular team has such as a better, faster base stealing threat type of lead off hitter but certainly not a hatred of Byrd. As I inferred before Byrd can stay or go and will not be a factor either way, he is not good enough to be missed and he is not bad enough to lose sleep over. I am glad however for petrey’s affinity for Byrd…evidently Byrd is not Cuban??? It is nice to keep in mind our shared passion for our team but I’m not sure if petrey meant you or me zogie but I for one am preparing to be ignored….right.

This is by far the best night-time reading I had in a long time… but I just can’t help getting involved in this.
WAR = useless if just taken the raw numbers
Looking back at some older sabermetrics (2007-2010) The average WAR was between $4.0M and $4.5M, BUT (if I could that would be in a much bigger font), BUT if you took the reliefpitchers out of the equation, the average WAR would be somewhere between $2.7M and $3.3M.
So lets see those figures again…
Pena: 2.2 WAR = between $5.94M and $7.26M, so even TB overpaid him… and I don’t even want to mention the money he got from HWSRAFKAGMH (He Who Shall Remain Anonymous Formerly Known As G.M. He….. phew almost said it)
Now our LF crash test dummy, oh wait, that would be an upgrade over Soriano
Soriano: 7.0+4.1+0.0+3.1+1.3=15.5 WAR over the first 5years of his contract
or between $41.85M and $51.15M and he got $9M+$13M+$16M+$18M+$18M = $74M
oh wait… I just found another stat for Soriano… another site indicates his war for those 5 years was only 7.8WAR …HALF of the 15.5 stated at the 1st site I looked at.

So in my opinion WAR = useless and just like any stat can be used to prove anything you want.

Now back to the original post. Bring in Cespedes and take the $10M risk. He can’t be worse than Pena, so that would already be an improvement over a HWSRAFKAGMH contract. Get rid of Soriano, and if necessary eat his contract and hope for a bag of BP balls (if not settle for a couple of donuts for security guard at the players entrance) Byrd or Reed Johnson… difficult choice. Reed would be my 4th OF anyway and Byrd as a starter if Jackson can’t prove he’s ready for a starting job.
A last note on the difference between Soriano and Byrd. Soriano’s number might be better, but at least Byrd hustled and played hard every time he stepped out of the dugout. I hardly can remember blaming any points made by the opposing team on him, nor can I blame him for walking down the 1B line and watching the ball drop deep in the OF. Byrd would be on 2B at that time. Byrd filled in a vacant spot when and did a decent job. If a better player (B. Jackson) comes along, it’s time to say goodbye to Byrd and really thank him for giving a 100% every single day.

WOW..belgium…NICE. If I knew you couldn’t possibly be me I would think you are?
But then I’m me and you’re you unless we’re caught in the sequel to “Inception”??
Sounds like the “pile on” for HPSAATWASTDTADC (Hendry Petrey Soriano And All Those Who Are Sworn To Defend Them And Dislike Cubans) has gotten some traction. Good job belgium. You make good points and all the while without
using exclamation marks, VERY mature on your part. Refreshing and much appreciated.

Yep, living in Belgium, but spending A LOT of sleepless nights to watch the Cubs play (thak you timezones). I lived in Chicago for 2yrs about 15yrs ago (only a mile away from Wrigley), but I’m a die-hard fan since my first visit to the city in ’93.
And before anyone can start bashing about how can a Belgian guy know anything about baseball… I’ve played for over 20yrs, I’ve been coaching for almost 10yrs and about 2yrs back I even founded a new team here in Belgium (No pro teams here, and no sport teams in schools or colleges, so you have to develop a system of youth teams and amateur teams).
And talking to our headcoach (he is a Red Sox fan AND was the coach of Orioles pitcher Van der Hurk when he was teenager), he was soooo glad HWSRAFKAGMH signed with the Yankees… as he stated: now the only rivals for the Red Sox in the AL East is TB, but with the signing of Pena, they are not really improving either.

Belgian how did you come up with your figures? No proof? I could make up numbers too…. WAR is useful to an extent… it shows what the player was worth in the PAST. And I will guarantee you that 1 WAR = around 5mill… give or take a few hundred thousand. Joey the fact of the matter is you are hung up on Hendry’s past signings when some of Epstein’s past signings have been just as bad if not slightly worse. But you can continue you write under 2 different names (joey & belgium) to prove your point. It won’t work because you guys haven’t shown any proof. Google the value of 1 WAR and you will see the current market value at being around 5 mill…. try fangraphs… anything you want that is current is going to say the value of 1 WAR is 5 mill.. keep it up I can keep going

Have to throw in the following from Fantasy Preview, just in there is a remote possibility that I am not being ignored by everybody…and keep the fire stoked of course.

Like many players who don’t walk much, Soriano’s decline phase hasn’t been pretty. The 36-year-old still has enough pop to knock 25 balls over the fence, but his bat has slowed considerably and his once-prodigious speed has all but evaporated. Expecting an average much above .250 or an OBP close to the league average is likely too optimistic, rendering Fonzie’s offensive production below average for a corner outfielder.

I think the Yankees may have missed the page on Hendry’s resume when they hired him.
Now c’mon…don’t we want Soriano off the team at ANY cost (to the Ricketts, that is)?

I do believe it is working…evidently I am not being ignored. Gotcha.
Beyond proof and stats and the like that some people demand there is also what is seen on a daily basis by thousands of fans and at least some professional baseball people and that is Soriano is a completley declining player and that…I am right, for the sake of the ballclub
moving on (he he, I know you LOVE that one petrey) and improving he needs to go at any cost allowing the youthful and multi-talented players to move up. Even if they are Cuban players and petrey will just have to get over his prejudice??? I love Cubans.

Petrey, I am NOT Joey (cause I don’t like fish)…
and where I got the numbers? It is called “unbaised research”, meaning I take different sources before making any remarks. For the players’ WAR stats I looked at 4 different stat sites.
fangraphs…. as the name says it’s for FANS not for professionals.
And you complain about not giving the resources of my numbers… well, I couldn’t find any in your posts either, but because you ask so nicely… here it is:
enjoy the reading and before you start to see conspiracies… no, I didn’t make that site and I don’t think you did either.

whoops… last line should say “I don’t think Joey did either”
and by the way, if there are any mistakes in my English, it is not my mothertongue, nor is it my 2nd or 3rd language. Dutch, French and German are.

ok well your support is flawed because it looked at only 53 players out of the possibly 1200 that are on ML rosters.. nice try tho… you are going to have some negative WARs out there and none of those were reflected in that article… it was just looking at the 50 some FA… so instead of taking the whole group you took a sample size that is the equivalent to aroudn 5%…. not going to be real accurate is it? NOPE… and as for my support I told you what to google… its in MULTIPLE articles…. if you don’t want to do that then go to fangraphs.com and read it there straight from the source.. 1 war = around 5 mill…. end of story

or you GOD or something? or Hendry (yes I said it)?
Do you think you know everything and that you are always right?
Or are you just a little boy who can’t stand anyone who makes a valid point?
Or maybe one of those “I am American and therefor better and smarter then everyone else?”
and please give me some REAL urls instead of pointing to google and a site which focuses mainly on fantasy league.
before I posted my 1st comment, I took a few hours to go through the different sites I look at on a regular basis (baseball reference, baseball almanac, baseball prospectus, cots, baseball analysts), and I made my comment based on that.
If the WAR is $5.0M (as you state, but which I couldn’t find anywhere) then the weighted WAR ( WAR minus reliefpitchers) would be between 3.7 and 3.0 so the position players would still be way overrated.
And if WAR would be used in real life baseball managment to make deals, 4 players would be worth more then $40M a year based on last years WAR.
For Hendry that would make sense, but not for a real GM.
And as far as your comparison between Hendry and Theo. Yes, Theo made some bad moves also (every GM does), but at least he brought the Red Sox the missing pieces to get 2 rings. Hendry didn’t and as anyone in any professional sports can tell you, “almost” and “close” and “2nd” doesn’t count. It’s all about winning. Theo won, Hendry didn’t.

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