1/26 Condolences

Lou Piniella’s mother, Margaret, died this week in Tampa, Fla. She was 92. Margaret was considered the athlete of the family, credited with playing a key role in developing Lou’s interest in sports as well as his temper. She famously once ran onto the court during one of Lou’s Jesuit High basketball games to argue with the referee, according to the Tampa Bay Times. She had been in failing health for several years. Lou left the Cubs in August 2010 to care for her.

Online condolences can be sent at jgrfuneralhome.com. Donations can be made in her memory to the Judeo Christian Clinic, 4118 N. MacDill AVe., Tampa, FL, 33607, or the McDonald Training Center, 5420 W. Cypress Street, Tampa, FL, 33607.

— Carrie Muskat


Lou did right by his Mamma. Not that it was like he left a great organization but still, he done good! God bless him for being a good son…Condolences to one of the most colorful pesrons in baseball.

I couldn’t said this any better, Joey. Thnx.

love Lou… don’t blame him for anything… he did what needed to be done and I respect him for that

I really resent all the people who called Lou a “quitter” when he left the Cubs to care for his ailing mother. He obviously had his priorities straight!! These people owe Lou an apology.

Carrie, I hate to, but what’s fair is fair……It appears the only real fair compensation for Boston handing us Theo, would be for us to hand them Soriano since there’s no such thing as a left fielder in Boston.

where are you carrie? Miss you babe..

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