2/6 Back to work

I apologize for the lull in postings. I went on what was supposed to be a baseball-free vacation, but the movie on the flight was “Moneyball.” The concierge at our hotel was drafted by the Yankees and knew Geovany Soto. Heard a lot of discussion about the power of the Dominican Republic team in the Caribbean World Series. On the flight home, the attendant announced they didn’t have the movie “Dolphin Tale” so we watched “Moneyball” again. What is important is that Cubs pitchers and catchers report to Mesa, Ariz., in 12 days. See everyone soon at Fitch Park.

— Carrie Muskat


Carrie, You were greatly missed, and I must confess I find you to be the most entertaining baseball writer since Jerome Holtman. I am a die hard Cubs fan, since 1947 when I used to listen to Bert (“the game is never over until the last man is out”) Wilson. I live in Michigan now, and do not get the Chicago papers, so I rely on the internet to get my fill of the Cubs. Please tell us the rumor about the young Cuban pitcher is true, and that we are still in the running for Cespedes. Best always, your fan, Richard Thacker

Thanks for the note. In looking at the comments from the last week, it looks like Joeydafish kept everyone entertained and informed. Can’t wait for Spring Training …

Carrie, I do what I can.
What do you mean by “baseball free vacation”? Isn’t that a contradiction?
Baseball IS vacation. 🙂
Just kidding, glad to see you back at your job!!!! The lull was too long we need our fix.

Everyone deserves a vacation. Welcome back.

i wouldn’t call it entertainment….

Carrie would, and did. Gotcha.

^ Congrats joey… on ur first post without a Hendry bashing in it…

Thanks petrey! believe it or not that means a lot to me. 🙂

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