2/6 Cubs claim Cardenas; DFA DeWitt

The Cubs claimed infielder Adrian Cardenas off waivers from the Athletics. To make room on the 40-man roster, infielder Blake DeWitt was designated for assignment.  Cardenas, 24, batted .314 with 28 doubles, four triples, five home runs, 70 runs scored, 51 RBIs and a .374 on-base percentage in 127 games with Triple-A Sacramento last year. In 2011, Cardenas played second, short, third and left field. He has primarily played second in his pro career.

DeWitt, 26, was projected as the Cubs’ starting second baseman last season but lost the job to Darwin Barney. He batted .265 with 11 doubles, five home runs and 26 RBIs in 121 games with the Cubs. He was acquired from the Dodgers in the Ted Lilly/Ryan Theriot deal. If he clears waivers, DeWitt could still be in Cubs camp as a non-roster invitee.

— Carrie Muskat


Another classic Hendry acquistion disgarded by the new regime. Exactly what needs to happen. I can understand our FORMER GM (Hendry being Hendry that is) adding a middling player like DeWitt to the roster, I mean what else is new right? But to actually consider DeWitt to be the starting second baseman is just derelict in duty. Sooooo glad the Yankees found their man!

Easy Joey…. you think Billy Beane would give up a top talent without knowing something we don’t? Pretty sure this is just a lateral move with an age reduction and more speed. The guy still hasn’t touched the ML yet…. it a fine acquisition but lets not get all excited over it. The best thing? It saves us 600k…

Petrey, where in my comment have I expressed excitment? Sometimes I think you take liberties wtih what I write. I admit that in my comment that I yes, bashed Hendry again and expressed my lack of enthusiam with DeWitt but I fail to see any mention of how good Cardenas is or any excitment in acquiring him. My only point was that Epstein continues to purge the system of middling talent, a lot of which was assembled by Hendry. A few people think it necessary for me to “move on”, I on the other hand believe it necessary for the CUBS to move on and it seems that Epstein is of the same ilk. There will be no moving on unless a majority of the roster is turned over and status quo and good enough is no longer acceptable. DeWitt is now gone, that indicates the moving on is moving ALONG. Cardenas can never set foot in Wrigley field, the objective was to launch DeWitt a KNOWN, middle of the road player at best and make room for “fill in the blank” (this case it’s Cardenas) that MAY have more talent than DeWitt and as you astutely point out for saving a bundle at the same time. No, I think I’ll just kick back, refrain from moving on and watch Epstein do all the moving on that is called for.

Like this move as it adds more youth to the Cubs. If some of this young talent comes together we could see the Cubs become competitive sooner than later but we must be patient.

Another good move which takes us further from the dark days of Hapless Hendry – the Master of Disaster.

I’m with Joey… the urnover so far has been encouraging. Hopefully we can save enough money this year to offset all of Soriano this year and send him to a nice DH role / retirement home… that way salary space is freed for the future to allow us to at least be competitive from 2013 onwards. I don’t see this as a forever rebuild – we can compete in 2013 and challenge in 2014 if Sorry-ohno and his salary are cleared in one lump in 2012.
The future is bright… the future is Epstein.

Hustle, glad to see your back and that you have mine. Love the nickname for Hendry!
The overwhelming consensus is most of us fans are just savoring the fact that not only is Hendry gone but replaced with Epstein. We’re practically giddy and perceive this as we would perceive the acquistion of a stud player. Probably why I and others seem to have a hard time letting Hendry’s departure “go”…it’s just too GOOD of a thing and we must apprreciate the fact Hendry’s firing was the very start of all the good to follow, hopefully including the COSTLY but EFFECTIVE removal of Soriano. Letting Hendry go seemed to be a no brainer to most of us fans yet must have been difficult for Ricketts, we must remember that Ricketts DOES have what it takes to be a forward thinking owner. I am with you Hustle, the future is brighter now than it has been in a long time, at least during the HHMOD tenure.

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