2/6 WGN Radio looking for new Cubs song

Attention all musicians and Cubs fans: WGN Radio is looking for the next great Cubs song, which will be played on-air in conjunction with the station’s Cubs broadcasts and promos this year. To enter, write an original song about the Cubs and email it as an mp3 file attachment to cubssong@wgnradio.com by Feb. 29. The lyrics must mention the Cubs and WGN Radio, but may not mention names of individual players, coaches or Cubs management. Songs longer than four minutes will be disqualified. Include your name, address, daytime phone number, email address and age in the email. Entries on behalf of a group must provide the required information for each member of the group.

WGN Radio will select up to 10 finalists and post them at wgnradio.com for listeners to vote. Plus, the winner will have the chance to record the song in a professional studio session at WGN Radio and perform live during Jonathon Brandmeier’s Opening Day broadcast on April 5. For official rules visit www.wgnradio.com/cubssongcontest.

Now, what rhymes with “Wrigley?”

— Carrie Muskat

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I suggest my below lyrics sung to the tune of the anti-Vietnam protest song that Country Joe & the Fish sang at Woodstock, called “‘Feel Like I’m Fixin’ to Die’ Rag” (if you’re not familiar you can watch it on youtube)

I call my version,

“The Rebuilding Rag”

Well come on all you double-A men,
the Chicago Cubs need your help again,
They wrote big checks and got a terrible deal,
way up yonder on North Sheffield,
So punch your glove and lose the ball in the sun,
we’re gonna have a whole lotta fun.

And its 1-2-3, what are we rootin’ for?
Don’t ask me I don’t understand,
how Soriano just earned another grand.
And its 5-6-7, looks like we’re back in last place.
Well there ain’t no time to feel all sad,
let’s watch another Jumbotron ad.

Now come on Theo don’t be slow,
get those draft picks up to the show,
You dumped Big Z and A-Ram’s third-base flubs,
then you signed some no-name scrubs,
Just hope by the time attendance slacks,
the city will charge a new Cubs tax.

(Chorus Repeat)

We’ve got a team to go down in bad Cubs lore,
we’ve got Len & Bob to make us snore,
The owner wants more night game cash,
and big screen ads that flash, flash, flash.
Someday he’ll tear down the ivy and all that brick,
and build himself somethin’ real slick.

(Chorus repeat)

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