2/10 Hoyer: Soriano “unlikely” to be traded

Alfonso Soriano has been mentioned in trade rumors this offseason but he was expected to be back in left field at the start of the 2012 season for the Cubs. GM Jed Hoyer said it was “unlikely” that Soriano would be dealt by Opening Day.

“I know Sori’s been working really hard this offseason … our hope is obviously you want him to get on base a little more,” Hoyer said during an interview on ESPN 1000 on Thursday. “The power was there last year, the RBIs were there. Obviously, it really comes down to defense and we’re hoping with some better conditioning and some better health that he can be a little better out there. We don’t want to do anything to hurt our pitchers but we do believe there’s something left in Sori.”

Soriano, who turned 36 in January, hit 26 homers and drove in 88 runs last season but batted .244.

— Carrie Muskat



I read the following on MLB Trade Rumors.com:
Cubs GM Jed Hoyer appeared on “The Carmen, Jurko & Harry Show”
“I think that’s unlikely [that Soriano will start the season with another team],” said the GM. “We don’t want to do anything to hurt our pitchers (with his defense), but we do believe there’s something left in Sori.”
As many as eight clubs inquired about Soriano earlier this offseason (including the Orioles), and chairman Tom Ricketts has made it clear that they’re willing to eat most of $54MM left on his contract to facilitate a trade. The 36-year-old outfielder hit .244/.289/.469 with 26 homers last season.

This is great to read, just knowing that our GM is well aware of Soriano’s harmful defense
and that Ricketts is willing to eat most of the remaining contract confirms my belief that both management AND ownership are doing all they can to get our beloved Cubs back to the forefront of a baseball dynasty. The mention of Sori having something left is true as the ONLY thing he has left is the ability to connect his brutal swing and hit about 25 homeruns when the opposing pitcher has a brain cramp and puts the ball near the strike zone. This “something left” may still be actractive to a team desperate for a DH (Yankees??) at the right price (nothing??). I believe Hoyer is hell bent on trading Soriano if not before the season then during the season ridding the team of one ot the few last remnants of the Hendry disaster. Hope springs eternal!!

Soriano is a very nice person and I think unlike other players that have been toxic and cancerous to the team, he has taken everything in stride. He can still hit sometimes, but his best defensive days are behind him. If Soriano could be moved to an AL team where he could DH and we could get anyone for him that might be best for both him and the Cubs. If we cannot move him, I think we do what we can in regards to his playing time. Even though he is a highly played player, you have to field the best players regardless of pay. Johnson, Byrd, DeJesus and almost anyone we have to play the outfield are less of a liability in the outfield than Soriano. I think that when you can, a move to 1B even as a temporary position would be best when you want him in the lineup. I am sure even putting him at 2B to give a day off to Barney or a backup would be good too. Just my opinion. I hope he can contribute more this year. GO CUBS GO!

you think soriano’s defense is bad in LF? You haven’t seen nothing until you look at his defense at 2B…Soriano is going to be in LF till his contract is up…plain and simple…… he will get to DH on interleague play days but every other day he will be in LF hopping as much as he possibly can. Its not that Hoyer thinks Soriano has something left, of course he is going to say that. Its that his salary and no trade clause hampers us from trading him. There was a deal in place for Soriano to go to the O’s (could be rumor) and Soriano declined it….. thanks a lot Soriano

The absolute worst thing the Nationals made him do was move from 2B to the outfield. He never had the legs for the outfield. He should have stayed at 2B and that was a major mistake. I do not blame Sori for being resistant to that when he went from Texas to Washington. That was just wrong. Some people do well in the outfield, others it ruins their defensive career. I am not saying he is not a liability defensively, but in order to play him other than pinch hits, they have to put him somewhere. The outfield is not a good place for him as small as the outfield is in Chicago, compared to bigger outfields elsewhere. Hoyer and Co are going to say what they have to say about Sori. Until a deal is in place or no deal is made, we are not going to hear the entire situation regarding Soriano. All we can do as fans is hope for the best, if people can’t do that they should not be fans. I love the Cubs and no matter what happens, I will always be a loyal fan. I hope for better things to happen. They already moved Zambrano and his enormous salary, they did not have to pay Ramirez anymore money (I have heard many people say he was a distraction despite his numbers) and now we may or may not move Soriano. If it does not happen before his contract expires then they make the best of it. It is a very imperfect situation because of his contract. I think that Hoyer & Co have two choices a)play him as often as you can and try to get the most out of him or b) play him sparingly so that he wants out of Chicago and you can try to move him. The only other option that is very unfavorable is to just release him and I know they will not do that unless something terrible happened. The contract he signed should have had an opt out or a non-guarantee from the organization. Oh well, live and learn, I think that Epstein and Hoyer will do their best not to do contracts like that again.

Agreed petrey. LF is the ONLY spot on this NL club that Soriano can hide. To even think of putting him anywhere else on the field just to keep his .244 average, bad plate discipline, high strike out ratio and poor base running and bad legs in the lineup is ludicrous. 1B? Between LaHair and Rizzo there is no need to even consider first base EVEN FOR A DAY. If LaHair bombs Rizzo will be brought up. If Barney needs a rest at 2B then for the love of God I’m sure Sveum will put an INFEILDER in to spell him. Jason, getting anyone for him is no longer an issue as expectations are so low. If there will be a serious commitment from Sveum (and if he has the stones..) to field the BEST players available to win a ball game then Soriano may find himself riding the bench and reconsidering vetoing any trade whether to Baltimore or the Toledo Mudhens. Riding the bench for a veteran may just do the trick to turn him around about being moved and if he’s HAPPY riding the bench then so be it, at least he isn’t giving up bases and outs. I’d rather play with a man short than be forced to play Soriano at all.

If that does it to get him around or out of Chicago, then that is what they might have to do. It is not an easy fix no matter what you do. His contract is enormous and almost if not all guarantee for a subpar ballplayer.

jason you do realize that soriano averaged 20+ errors at 2B? 2B was not his position nor will it ever be again… the dude has to hop to catch a fly ball to “stay in rhythm” sorry be there isn’t any time for that at 2B… fast hands and feet… which he doesn’t have….Soriano isn’t going to sit the bench either. He will play everyday for the Cubs or get released allowing another club to pick him up at a SIGNIFICANT discount to what it would cost them to trade.

Then you play him in the outfield to get what you can out him or just release him. It sounds right now like Hoyer and Co will play him and get what they can out of him. Like I said it is a very imperfect situation, if he was making much less, they would just cut him and eat the salary. I am sure that is not an option right now, but it might be eventually. I doubt if we put him on waivers in August anyone would pick him up. Being patient with the new GM team is probably the best route. We all have our own opinions on what to do, let’s see what they do.

I agree he probably wont’ sit the bench but it is not impossible, especially with an all new manager and coaching staff. Playing him in LF on a daily basis to get something out of him will get more bad than good. Sounds like the three of us at least agree that just flat out releasing him would be better than either LF or the bench, right? Have we fans not been subjected to the terrible time old “tradition” of playing a player just because he makes a ton of dough? Don’t you agree we truly deserve A GENUINE change in philosophy and for the management/ownership to “pretend” that the better player (Johnson, Campana, Jackson, Byrd…name one…) is making the ton of dough that Soriano is making, will do a much better job and will contribute to the much bally-hooed ball club that is promised? If owners and management would just consider THE POSITION (i.e. LF, 1B whatever..) as the recipient of the pay check and not the player then we wouldn’t have to hear about how come hell or high water a player like Soriano HAS to remain on the roster, wasting the opportunity for another, better player to help win ball games. This is so great knowing that Soriano is the last dinosaur from Hendry’s Jerkassic Park project of assembling a roster and that we will soon be rid of him, truly enabling the team to field a serious team. C’mon Hendry, where are you when we need you? Talk your new bosses into accepting Soriano as the Yankees DH…YOU CAN DO IT!!! You must have one more bamboozlement left in the tank and can fool the Yankees as you fooled the Cubs into thinking you were…GOOD and knew what you were doing.

I do agree that they should clean house and that includes Soriano. I am sure it is not an easy thing to do and it is much easier for us to talk about it. I do think they need to make a GENUINE change as you said and put out a team that can win and not just one that gets put out because of the circumstances. I do think some of the players we have in minors are missing opportunities, however I am glad that we have some other people who will get more playing time now if Sori sits more this year because of bad defense or poor hitting. Who knows? Let’s be patient and see what Hoyer and Co do. I am sure if Sori is playing terrible, the fans in Chicago will not waste much time letting Sori know how they feel. Sveum does not seem like the type of person who is going to waste time with this team, but only time will tell. I want a better team, I think most Cubs fans want a great team. We might get it in 13, maybe 14. By then Sori might be gone. Good things are coming. I am optimistic.

Hopefully this is as accurate as the report of the lunch meeting between Zambrano and Epstein that told us how Theo laid the law down and how Zambrano was going to toe the line and work to become a productive part of the 2012 Cubs. If so, Soriano should be gone by the first day of Spring Training.

Jason, it seems like you are on the fence? You stated that the option of releasing Soriano is ver unfavorable….why? How would his outright release be unfavorable to you or any of us fans? We are not the ones footing the bill. Ricketts has known for a while that he will have to eat the majority of one of the worst contracts in Cubs’ history if not all of baseball. Whether traded or released, a lot of somebody else’s money will be wasted thanks to ALL the people from the previous ownership/management and their TERRIBLE contracts to inferior players. Why cling to any notion that getting anything out of Soriano will be the prudent thing to do when the most the Cubs can get out of him at this stage of his career will not be as much help toward winning ball games as what the Cubs can get out of a replacement left fielder? If Sveum is indeed saddled with Soriano because Epstein can’t trade him and is too kind hearted to release him then Sveum must be the last line of defense if the goal is winning ball games which means Soriano must ride the pine. In fact, even during interleauge games he would not be the DH because he is a good hitter, he would be the DH because DH’s don’t drop flyballs or turn the opponents singles into doubles. He is not even a good enough hitter to try to get his bat in the line up. He is only a home run threat and that is rapidly declining.
I’m with the fans that know the best way to win ballgames is to have somebody other than Soriano in LF, period.

Joey, reread your last sentence. I think you made a huge mistake (I hope typo).
“I’m with the fans that know the best way to win ballgames is to have somebody other than Soriano in LF, period.”

Shouldn’t it say “… other than Soriano in the line up…” or “…other than Soriano on the roster…”?

Belgian, I think I see your point…THANKS! My comment reflects the probability (as sad as it is) of Soriano remaining on the roster so it is best case scenario IF he is to be on the 24 man roster then he must ride the pine and not hop around in LF chasing routine fly balls into the wall. Also noting that all other positions i.e. second base are completley out of the question. It has been stated by many that LF remains the only place to TRY to hide Soriano and I don’t even want him there.

If Soriano has to stay with the Cubs, can’t they give him a position more worthy of his abilities? Like pick up BP balls in the outfield … oh wait… It’s Soriano we’re taking about. All the games would start with an half hour delay if he would do that. Bringing coffee to Jed or Theo is also out of the question… to many stains by all the dropped coffees… what else is left? Maybe Hendry forgot a pencil or something in his Cubs office and they can ask Soriano to bring it to his NY office… on foot… without dropping the pencil… or he has to start over. That will keep him busy (and away from the rest of the team) for a few months.

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Soriono to the Yanks for Burnett – straight up. Cubs to pay the the Yanks $5M or so to even up the saleries. Someone please make it happen.

WE JUST LOST OUT ON CESPEDES TO THE …… A’S?? AND MONEY BALL?? YIKES. Oh well, this should not change the fact that Soriano must go right? He should be replaced with Jackson if we lost out on Cespedes.

Thank you Cespedes for not taking the Cubs offer… but hello Soler!!! Looks like we could get a younger spec with just as high a ceiling as Cespedes has at 26…. plus more service time…plus being cheaper…. good move!

I Will have to visit again when my course load lets up – nonetheless I am taking your Feed so i can read your internet site offline. Cheers.

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