2/14 Cubs not going to the Cell

Let’s squelch the “Cubs to the Cell” rumors now. There are no plans for the Cubs to play their 2013 home games at U.S. Cellular Field; that report was false. The team does not have a renovation plan in place yet for Wrigley Field. Any work to be done will be completed in the offseason.

— Carrie Muskat


what if the renovations are too big and too serious to complete in the offseason?

great now wrigley will just continue to be a piece of ****……… come on something has to be done this is historic only because its falling apart and has terrible views of the game for the fans….. gut the stupid thing and add better and a few thousand more seating. If yankee stadium can be torn down and a shiny new stadium built so can Wrigley. I was actually excited to hear the Cubs playing at the Cell…. might have actually paid for a ticket then…. not now…

If it’s ok with some people for the Ricketts to spend a huge amount of money to improve Wirgley Feild, I think it entirely appropriate for me to comment regarding them eating the ton of money owed Soriano and dump him.

Joey how in the world can you keep throwing Sori and Hendry in every post…. throwing a huge amount at the stadium isn’t the same thing. Updating Wrigley Field not only brings more value to the Cubs it could possibly bring in more income and promote a better “fan experience”… dumping Soriano gets us nothing but a lost sum of money…

Dumping Soriano actually benefits the Cubs financially. More people will come to the games cause with releasing Soriano, the team got a lot better. Many people like the young guns waiting in the minors and bringing one of them up will also increase the merchandise sales (who would want a Soriano shirt anyway). And maybe start another rivalry with a team (also good for bringing in more money) cause fans of the team that will get Soriano will hate us forever for releasing him.
I would love to see some renovations at Wrigley, but that is in no hurry. Send Soriano packing now and work on Wrigley in ’15 when his contract ends.

Looks like Belgian gotcha too Petrey! A lost sum of money? So you consider PAYING Soriano NOT a lost sum of money? Hardly. I’m with Belgian and probably a vast majority of fans….dump Soriano first, field a good team, then renovoate Wrigley Field.
Don’t forget, you’re ignoring me.

either way you are going to be paying the man… we don’t have any one better than Soriano in the system so you might as well play him and pay him…. yeah the contract sucks and is WAY overpriced but you cutting soriano only adds to the payroll because then we gotta fill the void with him gone… doesn’t make sense… soriano’s contract is actually up at the end of the 14 season so we send him packing then actually… no matter what you do you are going to be paying Soriano his money if you cut him you don’t just magically not pay the man…

Soriano the best in the cubs system? Wow… I hope you mean best in NOT hustling, best in DROPPING routine flyballs, best at swinging randomly at pitches OUTSIDE the zone, best in WATCHING his outfield hits hitting the track and barely make it to first while even pitchers would make it to 2nd on those hits.
The only thing Soriano can do is HR’s and most of the times with noone on base.
I’d rather have someone in LF who hits only 10 moonshots, but who will hustle to 2nd or 3rd on flyballs, who hits for average and can make those clutch singles with runners on 3rd.
Soriano alse has a negative influence on Castro. He took him under his wings and guess who is error-prone now?
I say get rid of Soriano as soon as possible, even at the cost of eating 90% of his contract and give the young guys a chance. And with eating that amount AND paying a young guy, you actually save money. Paying 16mil of his 18mil and paying a young guy the usual 450-500K is still less than paying Soriano his 100% and only have a few HR’s in return

Petrey, who said to cut Soriano and magically NOT pay him? WE KNOW he will continue to get paid, we also know that the COST of left field will go up with the addition of Soriano’s replacement…SO WHAT? How does that harm US FANS? I think Belgian (yes, me petrey if you’re so inclined. Anybody agreeing with YOU then MUST be YOU? Is that how this works?) said it best, THE CUBS (not Petrey, not TheFish, not Belgian) will add payroll by either the minimum to a rookie (i.e Jackson) or someone else. The mindset of “might as well play him and pay him” regardless of the ability (or lack of) is what has kept this team from progressing to the World Series. Why was Fukodome traded? Who was better than him for RF? We might have well first kept Bradley and THEN Silva….had to pay THEM, might as well have kept them and played them….YEESH, enough of inadequate, BAD ball players already. Heck, the Cubs are STILL paying Pena while he plays for the Rays! I hopeTom Ricketts does not share Petrey’s Soriano reasoning. I’d like to think
that Epstein WILL NOT be content with Soriano until the end of 14 as Petrey would be. To be satisfied with Soriano let alone think he is the best option for LF (considered the easier of 3 outfield spots to play) in the system is just confounding.
Where is the consensus of comments that are pro Soriano?

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