2/24 Soriano on Z: “We won’t miss him”

Alfonso Soriano will need to spend lots of time getting to know his new teammates on the Cubs, and didn’t appear to miss players like Aramis Ramirez or Carlos Zambrano.

“It feels a little different because those guys have been forever in a Cubs uniform,” Soriano said of the two. “Now I don’t see them and it feels we’re missing something. We have a nice group of people and we have to work with these guys because they have very good talent.”

Ramirez left via free agency and signed a three-year contract with the Brewers, while Zambrano was traded to the Marlins in January.

“I think they made very good moves, trading Z, because I don’t know if he wasn’t happy or what here but the things he did here, nobody was happy,” Soriano said. “I think the team is happy they were able to trade him and I think he’s happy, too, that he’s in Miami now. It worked great for both positions. We won’t miss him.”

It’s time for the Cubs to move on, Soriano said.

“Now, I have to focus on my new team that I have here,” he said. “I can’t think about my old teammates, I want to think about my new teammates and be friendly with my new teammates.”

 — Carrie Muskat


Next year Castro will be saying Well Soriano is gone now we wont miss him.

Us fans on Soriano: “We wont’ miss him”
I wouldn’t spend too much time getting to know anybody new if I were Soriano. It’s obvious to all that Epstein is just “stuck” with Soriano, he doesn’t WANT him as he doesn’t fit the type of player Epstein wants. Ones that can actually catch a ball and hustle on the bases, make contact, contribute with something other than an occasional, meaningless homerun.

Soriano should feel lucky that Z did not whip his sorry self all over the dugout a long time ago. Hopefully Sveum will step up!

You would think the Cubs would have issued a gag order on all Soriano quotes as he would be the last player us fans would want to hear from regarding missing former players that were more talented than him and more risk worthy let alone Soriano commenting on what “good talent” is. Really? Soriano quotes?

Soriano is the one of the leaders of the team why wouldn’t he get to comment?

Indeed… Soriano is one of the leaders… he leads in lack of hustling, lack of running down routine flyball, he also leads the way in “how to jog to 1st base when hitting a ball on the track, while any pitcher would already be passing 2nd and looking at 3rd” and ofcourse he leads the team in HR’s… but most of them meaningless with noone on base…
But I like the comment he made about Z… now Z will plunk him in the face in the 1st Cubs-Marlins game and he’ll miss the rest of the season…..
Hey, a fan can always hope….

If one perceives Soriano as one of the team’s leader it is no wonder that person would also expect a comment from Soriano. Him being perceived as a team leader is just as goofy as allowing him to comment on anything but dealing with vanishing skills. Sure, Soriano is just as free to lend his opinion as I am, Petrey or Belgian…I’m just surprised his employers condone it considering he has no leg to stand on, not to mention no legs to run with, no glove to catch with, no depth perception to judge fly balls either hit to him or hit by him. I hope that Soriano’s inevitable departure from the Cubs happens sooner rather than later and from a stroke of Epstein’s pen not from an errant pitch to the face from Zambrano as that would be bad, just awful. However an errant pitch to a finger or two may do the trick….

Carrie will you please back me up here…. Soriano is looked as a leader in the clubhouse am I right or am I wrong? Just because you haters rag on him for lack of hustle and so on and so forth doesn’t mean he isn’t a leader in the clubhouse… I am not in the club house but from what I have read Soriano is a very good clubhouse guy and is looked at as a leader. Carrie you got more knowledge than any of us here is he looked at as a leader in the clubhouse?

Wahhhhh, Wahhhh, mommmy!!! OMG…..wahh, wahh, somebody disagrees with me…

From what I read, Demp, Wood and Byrd are the clubhouse leaders.

Leadership understandably is subjective. Naturally as hard as it is to believe, some people may consider Soriano a leader. But what can’t be argued or denied is he does not lead in any way shape or form when it comes to running out batted balls, taking the best route to the too many balls misjudged in LF finding there way to the wall, selecting good pitches to swing at, catching balls or making contact at the plate when all is needed is the advancement of a runner. Odds are he is not leading in the bunting tourney either. I’d beg Carrie to back me up on this but that’s just sooooo wrong…..

joey you act like you are in the clubhouse… but in reality you don’t know your a** from a shotgun… when you got proof that soriano isn’t a leader in the clubhouse you come talk otherwise I am going to sit here and wait and see if Carrie who is in the clubhouse more than you, me, or even the 2nd you (belgian), makes a comment on the matter…. but its cool keep being a hater over the same issue time and time again everyone here loves to read about it

My dearest foulmouthed friend, bang, bang …GOTCHA (again). Not a lot of ignoring me lately is there? Get a dictionary and look up the word “subjective”, it is a big word but I bet you can do it. Are you sitting in the dugout? You may very well be but even so, having proof of Soriano being a leader or not being a leader is the same moot point. There would be no proof on either side, it’s S U B J E C T I V E (is that better?). It wouldn’t matter a hill of beans to me if Carrie answered your begging for help and stated that yes, Soriano is a leader (here comes that big word again SUBJECTIVE) it would just be another opinion by somebody FREE TO HAVE AN OPINION LIKE THE REST OF US CITIZENS. By “everyone here” you mean???? The people in the “I Miss Jim Hendry And Love Alfonso Soriano’s Awesome Talent” meetings? Anyway, make up your mind you love what I write (cool, as you say) or not. I’m still so happy to hear that I am serving such a noble purpose in life. Hey, where’s your “2nd you”? Not too many “yous” on the Alfonso Soriano is great bandwagon lately. Ant? Awl? Ash? Amp? What? What’s not a shotgun?? Ha, ha…good times, good times. Note to Belgian: Hi me!

No Joey, you are not me… I don’t like fish.
No Petrey, Joey and I are NOT the same person… is it so hard to understand that 2 people might think the same about some things? I guess it is for you “cause you seem to be the only person in this universe who’s a member of the “I miss Hendry and I’m in love with Sorry, a No – Club”

Why I am as high as I am on petrey’s hate list as there are others out there that comment about their dislike of Hendry, Soriano etc. is puzzling. But it is more often than not ME he addresses in reply even though he claimed to be ignoring me. It must be my unique and charming style of writing that continues to draw the the Wrath Of Petrey. Talk about being a hater, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Why continue to hate someone such as myself when no harm no foul exists? In my humble opinion the team I love would be better with a different GM than Hendry (mission accomplished) and a better left fielder than the below average Soriano. Big deal, right? My intention was never to rile anybody with my comments, just to comment and that’s all. Express an opinion. not to solicit
curse words and hatred. I would like to believe just as it was thought by the Ricketts that Hendry needed to be replaced (sharing my opinion, who would have thought?), Hendry’s replacement will also think it necessary to replace Soriano and that too will happen sooner rather than later. Best wishes to ALL us Cubs’ fans, even those that disagree with me or even hate me. (Asteriks optional). I PLEAD for nobody’s support or to back me up, not Carrie’s not my other self Belgian’s, nobody’s. My opinions are my own regardless if agreed with or not. I’m still reeling from Soriano’s early departure from the bunting tourney…who saw that coming?? Next up, the fly ball catching tourney!

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