2/24 Sveum: “It’s LaHair’s job, and it’s not his to lose”

Cubs manager Dale Sveum is asked almost daily about the first base situation. Anthony Rizzo is highly touted but the plan is for Bryan LaHair to be the Cubs starter on Opening Day.

“[LaHair] is going to play well and as long as he plays well, it’s his job,” Sveum said. “It’s not like anybody is going to panic after a month if he’s not playing well, or even two months if he’s not swinging the bat well. I think right now it’s a concrete plan to let Rizzo have another season in Triple-A and let him be comfortable instead of moving him up and down and all that stuff. It’s Bryan LaHair’s job, and it’s not his to lose. It’s his job and the guy has earned the right to have it and he’s earned the right for me to have a lot of patience too if he’s not getting off to a good start.”

That means LaHair can tuck his outfielder’s glove into the back of his locker and leave it there. Sveum has no plans for LaHair to play left field.

“He’s our first baseman and he’s going to play first base,” Sveum said. “I’m not going ot put anything in his head that way [about the outfield]. He’s our first baseman and that’s the bottom line.”

— Carrie Muskat

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Wow. So refreshing and anti-Quade and anit-Hendry. I like Sveum already. So we don’t have killer line up, but we now have a plan. The four letter word Hendry avoided.

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