2/25 Clevenger beats Campana in bunt tourney

Tony Campana picked himself to win the Cubs bunting tournament but he’s now out of the race.

Catcher Steve Clevenger knocked Campana out on Saturday in first round position player action, totaling 660 points to the trash talking outfielder’s 290.

“Big upset,” Dale Sveum said.

“It separates the good bunters from the guys who are fast and think they can bunt,” said Clevenger, one of three catchers to advance. “It’s just all for fun.”

“I just didn’t bunt,” Campana said, “and [Clevenger] bunted really good and I had to try catch up. It seemed like every one he bunted went into the 40 [point] box. I didn’t think a catcher could put up 500 points, let alone 600.”

Others to advance on Saturday included Matt Szczur, Adrian Cardenas, Brett Jackson, Blake Lalli, Jonathan Mota, Bryan LaHair and Welington Castillo. Campana was an early favorite. Now, who’s the one to beat?

“I heard [Ryan Dempster] was putting up 700 some points [in practice],” Campana said. “Now, I’m going to have to make my own bracket. I had myself winning my bracket.”

It’ll be tough for Campana on Sunday when the rest of his teammates find out he couldn’t back up his bragging.

“It’s going to be really bad [Sunday],” Campana said. “I might bring a wig and a mask tomorrow.”

— Carrie Muskat 


In a real game situation, Campana could be a little less perfect with his bunts and still beat them out for a hit.

Or, if Campana practiced his bunting, he’d have a much better chance of beating MORE of them out for a hit. or placing a bunt in a perfect spot so that he can move a runner over AND beat it out for a hit.

Nonchalantly assuming they know how to execute the fundamentals, and only going through the motions of practicing is something that the Cubs have done an awful lot of in the past few years. decades. century.

Campana is a decent bunter and a very fast baserunner. But he can become a great bunter and a smarter baserunner. Considering his weaknesses, If I were him, I’d certainly focus on the tools that might help him stick around the majors.

Back to basics. Preach the word Sveum.

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