3/1 Bunt tourney bracket – UPDATE

For those of you following the Cubs bunting tournament, here are Thursday’s second round matches:

Mather vs. Barney

Castro vs. Stewart

T. Wood vs. Samardzija

Wells vs. Sonnanstine

* Other second round matches to be played:

Soto vs. Baker

Byrd vs. DeJesus

Marmol vs. Maholm

Dempster vs. Sveum

* Looking ahead to the Sweet 16 pairings, we have:

Beliveau vs. Mcnutt

Rusin vs. Coleman

Cardenas vs. Lalli

W. Castillo vs. Clevenger

— Carrie Muskat


My money is on Dempster. Would love to see what Soriano did. I need a good laugh : ).

Neil, just make sure you get Petrey’s approval before laughing about Soriano’s skills at bunting or anything else. Hard to believe somebody ELSE is dismayed with Soriano…the numbers are growing…???

Joey, is this another you? Did you make another account so you can post as yourself, as me and as Neil? …or (and this may be shocking to a certain person)… is there someone else who would like to see Sorry-a-no go?
By the way Neil, Soriano lost against DeJesus in the 1st round. Apperantly in each of his 3 series, he swung and missed at the first seven balls and hit his eight ball onto the warning track while he stood and watched at homeplate.

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