3/2 Breakfast is served

Imagine having to make breakfast for 110 hungry men. That’s Chef John’s task every day at Cubs camp, and he also wants to make the meals beneficial for the players. No red meat, no fattening foods.

“We try to stay as fresh as possible,” said John Droghetti, the head chef at Cubs camp who works for Cookin’ on Wood, the company hired to provide breakfast and lunch each day in Spring Training.

On Friday, the first day the Cubs were at HoHoKam Stadium, Chef John and his sous chef, Lee, were set up partly outside the clubhouse with a grill to handle banana walnut pancakes and oven to cook the turkey bacon and turkey sausage. There were four omelette stations and a machine to make smoothies inside. In the past, clubhouse manager Tom Hellman and his staff have handled the food.

“[Hellman] came up to us after the first few days and said, ‘Man, we have a lot more time,'” Droghetti said.

Of course, then they realized how much more work they have to do.

Droghetti, 23, said the response has been favorable.

“Everyone has open minds and open mouths,” he said. “I try to get as much feedback as possible.”

Some of the players have asked for menudo, and Droghetti said he’ll try to accomodate them. There’s an emphasis on vegetables, and Droghetti said one of the lunch time favorites is roasted zucchini, yellow squash, red onions and peppers sprinkled with oregano for an Italian flavor.

“I’m surprised at how much vegetables these guys eat,” he said.

The company handles about nine Major League teams in the Phoenix area, and Droghetti started with the Reds and Indians. But when he heard the Cubs were looking for cooks, he applied.

“I’ve been a Cubs fan ever since I can remember,” the Michigan native said.

— Carrie Muskat


Oregano…BA DA BING!

Way to go John! Keep on serving them the good stuff!!!

Cookin’ is the best way to keep people happy!!!🙂

That’s outstanding! Keep up the good work john!

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