3/4 Emphasis is at-bats for Soriano

Alfonso Soriano may be leading off Sunday for the Cubs but that doesn’t mean he’ll be leading off in the regular season. Right now, Dale Sveum is trying to give Soriano at-bats and if the left fielder bats sixth or seventh, it’ll make for a longer day.

“He’s up there and this gives his legs a little bit of a break here in Spring Training,” Sveum said Sunday about batting Soriano first. “He’s been working as hard as anybody. i was there, even though I had to play all the innings all the time. You try to gradually build into the seven innings on the field, nine innings on the field. You don’t like giving guys starts without giving them three at-bats. That’s the basics behind that right now.”

— Carrie Muskat


Any other players needing to give their legs a break ALREADY? When we start hearing “compliments” like HE’S WORKING AS HARD AS ANYBODY that’s a sure sign of people not really having anything positve to say about a player’s value but he (Sveum) is being nice and respectful to Soriano. That’s good of Sveum, very polite. Deep down I believe Sveum knows that the Cubs need more than a hard working leftfielder, they need a GOOD one.

A homeless DH.

Thank God Sveum is trying to get Alfonso some at bats and not seriously considering him for the lead off spot.

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