3/8 Cubs lineup vs White Sox

Travis Wood is slated to start Friday when the Cubs face the White Sox in Glendale, Ariz. Randy Wells and Rodrigo Lopez also are scheduled to pitch. Here’s the early lineup:

DH Soriano

2B Barney

RF Baker

1B LaHair

CF Byrd

LF Mather

C Clevenger

SS Lake

3B Gonzalez

— Carrie Muskat 


Why in the world is Soriano leading off? I know it is ST but we need to work on establishing that lead off man for the reg season.

Craig, I think that is the point. There is no legit lead-off man on this team, only the lesser of 8 evils. If Soriano were to break down (eh hem…) I could see Sveum throwing the book out the window, moving Byrd to LF, inserting Lil’ Tony Campana (my guy!!!) in CF and leading HIM off. Until then with Soriano leading off there will be a better chance of him pulling a muscle…or something?? That might be Sveum’s plan, get Sorry more AB’s hope for the DL?

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