3/9 Soto, Jaramillo updates

Geovany Soto hopes to be in the Cubs lineup on Saturday, which would be his first game action this spring. The Cubs catcher has been sidelined with a strained groin. Jason Jaramillo also is making progress. He has been bothered by sore legs and admits he made it worse by trying to play through it.

“I thought I could get through it, and it didn’t go away,” Jaramillo said. “It came to the point where I had to say something and had to get it fixed. Where I’m at is I’m getting a lot better. I’m hoping to get out there soon.”

The problem was both legs, and he said there’s still some tightness in his right leg. However, Jaramillo hoped to hit on Friday for the first time since being sidelined.

“I’m optimistic I can go out there and show them what I’ve got,” said Jaramillo, who was vying for the backup catcher job and was the only candidate with any Major League experience. “I know what  I can do — I just have to get out there.”

— Carrie Muskat


Anybody out there thinking the Cubs are in trouble if Soto or Jaramillo are not 100% by opening day? I’m not. It appears that Castillo and or Clevinger will more than suffice in starting roles. It’s not as if Soto proved himself to be a preimier catcher.
I like Soto BUT….

yeah I think CLEVENGER…. will be just fine… i think Castillo is exactly the same pudge as Soto…

You see petrey, it’s times we agree that gives me hope for the day we will put aside all our differences (and you put aside your hatred of me) and we will toast to our Cubs’ successful trouncing of the White Sox in a World Series. Hey, if I’m gonna dream, I’m gonna dream big, right??? 🙂

Clevenger is a down in the dirt old fashioned receiver like Randy Hundley–has earned his spot at every level.

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