3/10 Aramis vs. the Cubs

On Saturday, Aramis Ramirez faced his former teammates for the first time when the Cubs traveled to Phoenix to play the Brewers. He joked before the game that he was going to bunt against Ryan Dempster in his first at-bat. The Cubs pitcher must have found out. His first pitch sailed over Ramirez’s head and the third baseman ended up grounding into a double play to end the first.

Ramirez will find out how Cubs fans feel about him April 9-12 when the Brewers come to Wrigley Field.

“I don’t know,” Ramirez said about what the fans’ reaction will be. “Obviously, they aren’t happy I’m playing for their rivals now, I’m playing for Milwaukee. I have no clue.”

If he’s booed, it won’t be the first time. Ramirez still hears jeers when he faces the Pirates.

“It’s been nine years and every time I go back, I still get booed,” Ramirez said. “I don’t know how they’re going to take it but I don’t worry about it. I can’t control that stuff.”

Ramirez never seemed to be embraced by Cubs fans despite being a consistent RBI hitter. <p> “I just try to do my job and I think for the most part I did it,” Ramirez said. “I think that’s all you can ask for as a player. When you sign somebody or pay somebody to do their job, they’re out there playing the game and I did that.”

— Carrie Muskat


How was he “never embraced” by Cubs fans? We seemed to like him as much as anybody the past several lees. Ramirez and DLee have been the most popular guys on the team for several years other than Kerry Wood. If you want to see a player never get embraced by fans, look at Soriano.

*years, not lees; was obviously thinking of the next sentence

Well said PWT. Also, how is it obvious that “they” are not happy Ramirez is playing for “their” rivals??? I would think “they” (us fans for sure) are indeed happy Ramirez is playing for the Brewers and NOT the Cubs. Anybody out there fearing the fact the Cubs have to “face” the Albert Pujols of the Brewers?? Ha! Hardly. I’m sure Ramirez will wind up contributing to beating the Cubs on occassion but he certanily doesn’t strike fear in our hearts. Besides, with him in his twilight years and in a defensive delcine (don’t get me wrong, he’s no Soriano…) he may very well contribute to more Cubs wins over the Brewers than not…

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