3/11 Hoyer likes energy in camp

Cubs GM Jed Hoyer says he likes the way Spring Training camp has gone so far.

“I think Dale [Sveum] has a lot of energy in camp,” Hoyer said Sunday. “Guys have played really hard so far. As far as results go, I don’t think anyone is all that concerned about it. You want to stay healthy and you want guys to play hard. Later in the spring as we get close, you want them dialing in their focus and start making pitches to get outs. Right now, the pitchers need to stretch themselves out, and the hitters need to get their timing.”

Sveum has been a stickler for detail in camp.

“One of the things he focused on in the interview is that Spring Training is a tone setter,” Hoyer said. “That’s how you build up the makeup of your team by having that attention to detail and creating some camaraderie, too. It’s not only about being a drill sergeant but you also want to make sure guys are enjoying themselves and get to know each other. That was a big focus of the interview process is that this is the time you establish those things.”

Sveum has watched how other teams handle spring camps. Now, it’s time for him to do it his way.

“What I’ve seen so far, he’s done an excellent job with it,” Hoyer said.

— Carrie Muskat

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