3/13 Cubs lineup vs Giants

Chris Volstad makes his second Cactus League appearance on Wednesday when the Cubs travel to Scottsdale to face the Giants. Here’s the lineup:

RF DeJesus

2B Barney

SS Castro

LF Soriano

1B LaHair

3B Mather

C Clevenger

CF Sappelt

P Volstad

— Carrie Muskat


Do you think Mather has a good shot at making the bench over Campana and Sappelt?

How about Hoystein trades the super hot, home run hitting Soriano while the gettin’s good and Mather take over for him in LF? Then we can keep both Campana and Sappelt! I know…I know….

I think Mather is almost a lock to come off the bench, can play a lot of positions, very versatile.

Checking out Mather’s stats he’s not as impressive as I hoped, but at least he can catch a ball in the outfield. I don’t think HE’LL be the one to take over LF when Soriano is traded to an AL team mid season. Let’s go Byrd LF, Jackson CF, DeJesus RF.

I would love to see Byrd Jackson and Dejesus…. or how bout in 2014 Jackson, Szczur, Soler…. that would be sweet! bbbbbuuuuutttt its all just a dream….

I think the Cubs are on course to satisfy your wish petrey. No matter what, I believe 2014 will usher in a brand new outfield as that is the end of DeJesus’s contract right?
So until then we will have DeJesus somewhere because he is Hoystein’s guy, at least an improvement from Fukodome, now in a BACK UP role with the Whhhhh well, you know which team. I think a legit plan would be to dump Soriano by midseason opening up a spot Jackson in CF, moving Byrd to LF then let somebody get ready to replace DeJesus. It’s all good my friend!

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