3/20 Travis Wood: “I’ve got to do better”

Lefty Travis Wood struggled on Monday against the Mariners and said it’s the first time he’s had trouble in Spring Training.

“Things aren’t going my way now and I’m trying to work on some new stuff and it’s just a battle,” Wood said.

What he’s trying to do is work on throwing pitches in different counts, building a different repertoire.

“I’ve got to do better,” he said.

Manager Dale Sveum said Wood may make a start in the Minor Leagues this spring.

“Right now, I think it’s more confidence than anything,” Sveum said of Wood. “Hopefully, we could see him get through a quick inning and build confidence through that. Right now, it’s a tough time and he can’t get through an inning without some damage being done.”

The Cubs acquired Wood from the Reds in the Sean Marshall deal. He’s been trying to make a good first impression.

“You get traded for a guy like Marshall, who’s an outstading pitcher, and you want to come over here and show what you can do and I haven’t been,” he said. “It’s all going to work out. I’m going to get it together and get after it.”

The problem isn’t pitching coach Chris Bosio. He was Wood’s coach at Double-A in 2008. Wood’s bullpen sessions have been good.

“That’s the frustrating part, to go out there and feel so good going into it and things just don’t pan out,” he said. “I’ll get itfigured out for sure.”

— Carrie Muskat


Cubs gave up Sean Marshall for this????????????????????????????????????????????????

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yep… its still early tho… give the guy a chance

They gave up ONE year of Marshall knowing they wouldn’t sign him for the millions he would get/deserve after the 2012 season so they got Wood, a promising starter in return. A chance is what Wood needs, in the minors to develop into the starter Hoystein thinks he will become. If he doesn’t it won’t look like such a good deal but at least it wasn’t a deal locking the Cubs into a long term, expensive contract. A low cost gamble had to be made with Marshall or we would have received nothing.

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