3/29 Cubs position players

Here’s the breakdown of the 13 Cubs position players who will be on the 25-man roster Opening Day:


Geovany Soto

Steve Clevenger


Bryan LaHair

Darwin Barney

Starlin Castro

Ian Stewart

Jeff Baker

Blake DeWitt


David DeJesus

Marlon Byrd

Alfonso Soriano

Reed Johnson

Joe Mather

— Carrie Muskat


The only concern I have is lack of speed. When we REALLY need a base runner for the tying or winning run, what is Sveum going to do? When Soriano leads off the 8th inning with a booming, gapper, to the wall SINGLE (because he will be admiring the flight of the ball) and is hanging his head on first base….insert DeWitt as the stolen base threat we would then need and then insert him in LF field with his world re-knowned defense? Keeping DeWitt seems to be excessive with Mather on the roster and Campana’s speed and late inning defense will be missed. Something seems strange with the effort put forth in keeping DeWitt on the roster. I like what Mather brings to the game and he should have cost DeWitt a roster spot not DeWitt costing Campana a roster spot. I would think this roster will evolve in a short amount of time with some more trades of players that are deemed “in excess”. A possible trade of DeWitt, Byrd and even Dempster seems to be a surgical procedure needed to open up some roster spots for younger, faster more talented players that will play a more important role in the “sustained” winning campaign launched by Hoystein.

Looks like the roster of a 68-72 win team

Looking at the depth chart, it makes more sense in dropping Baker, keeping DeWitt and bringing Campana back up.
1B Lahair – Mather
2B Barney – DeWitt
SS Castro – Barney
3B Stewart – Mather – DeWitt

LF Soriano – Johnson – Mather
CF Byrd – DeJesus – Johnson – Campana
RF DeJesus – Johnson – Campana – Mather

This makes more sense to me than having Baker and Mather at 1B and 3B. With the current situation, you have 4 players who can play 3B. and when something might happen to Lahair, there is still Rizzo waiting in the Minors.

Baker or DeWitt, seem like the same type of player. They can be a fill-in infielder and a non-defensive outfielder. One of them should be replaced by Campana or Sappelt.
I’m a Campana backer but just because of his speed and defense both attributes are COMPLETLEY MISSING from this roster. So if not Campana, Sappelt or??? SOMEBODY needs to supply this team with speed and defense. Keeping both DeWitt and Baker seems to be doing the opposite of what Hoystein espoused. It’s as if Hoystein completley forgot about how BAD Soriano’s defense is, how “average fast” Byrd is and how DeJesus is no Joe Dimaggio. Late innings are going to be very interesting when it comes to protecting a precocius lead or trying to stay within one run and come back to win the game. Oh well, grain of salt.

Joey, speed is important, but if you can’t get on base, it doesn’t do anyone any good. Mather is fast enough if they need a pinch-runner (and so is DeWitt) but you want that 25th guy to be able to do more than just run. Mather can play 1B, 3B, all OF spots. I like Campana, but he’s been bothered by wrist injury and it wasn’t until Saturday’s game that he looked like Campy of old, bunting, stealing & running.

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