3/31 Sveum hopes to find niche in Chicago

When Dale Sveum was named manager, one of the first things he did was tour Wrigley Field to get a feel for the facilities. What he discovered is there isn’t much room.  For example, when the Cubs want to hit during the game, there is no batting cage near the clubhouse as there is at Miller Park or most of the modern facilities. The Cubs have a net in the clubhouse that they use, hitting into it off a batting tee.

“We searched a lot of little places and there was just nothing where you could get a full swing unless you went out on the concourse,” Sveum said.

That would be something to see during games. But Sveum said the players should be able to adjust.

“I think most of that stuff is a little over-rated, too,” he said. “This game went on a long time without batting cages and flip screens and all that. Sometimes when you get ready, you dry swing and you’re doing it visually. It’s nice to have, don’t get me wrong. We will here in a couple of years.”

There are plans to improve the facilities at Wrigley Field and hopefully add areas for the players to swing without having to worry about balls bouncing off walls or breaking the clubhouse TV.

When Sveum does get to Chicago, he’ll have to deal with a lot more media attention than the five writers who have followed him all spring.

“I understand there’s going to be tougher questions on a daily basis and after tough losses or on things I screwed up in the game or people think I screwed up,” he said. “When you have more people, you’re going to have more frustrating questions and questions that second guess you on a daily basis. That’s the nature of the business. I can sit here and say everything I want about it but I haven’t been in that hot seat yet.”

Sveum doesn’t like talking about himself but understands he has a commitment to talk to the media.

“It is what it is, it’s part of our jobs,” he said.

— Carrie Muskat

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