4/1 Cubs lineup & LaHair

Bryan LaHair was in the Cubs’ early lineup, posted Saturday, for Sunday’s game in Tempe against the Angels but was scratched. His back has tightened up, and he’s being kept out as a precautionary measure. LaHair said he hoped to play either Monday or Tuesday, which would be the Cubs final Cactus League games of the season. The problem could be his commute.

“I have a [one] hour ride to the field and back every day and sitting in that one position, [my back] tightened up a little bit,” LaHair said Sunday. “It’s no big deal.”

The Cubs first baseman has yet to hit a home run this spring.

Here’s the lineup for Sunday’s game:

RF DeJesus

2B Barney

SS Castro

LF Soriano

1B DeWitt

3B Stewart

CF Byrd

DH Soto

C Clevenger

— Carrie Muskat


Based on his season last year and his poor spring training, is there anybody else starting to think DeJesus was an unnecessary pickup? It seems between Jackson and Campana CF would easily be covered and Byrd could have moved to RF? Not to be taken as a complaint because I would rather have DeJesus than Fukodome but will DeJesus justify Hoystein’s first free agent signing? DeJesus and Byrd seem to be cut from the same mold as does Baker and DeWitt, having all four on the same roster along with Mather leaves Campana and ANY speed off this team which could come back and bite Hoystein when Sveum needs a DEFENSIVE replacement for Soriano, Johnson will suffice as a defensive replacement as will Mathers but really….who wouldn’t when compared to Soriano’s defense? The REAL issue is the late inning baserunner (pinch runner) that puts pressure on the pitcher, can easily steal a base and score the tying or winning run. This team is strectched too thin when it comes to speed and defense with only Johnson as a LEGIT substitute defensive outfield option and when he STARTS that leaves NO speed on the bench.. Should have kept Campana over the duplicity of keeping DEWITT/Baker/Mather.

I am pretty sure I voiced my hesitation on Dejesus when he was originally signed… just didn’t make sense… sure we needed a leadoff guy but we could most likely get the same production from a leadoff by committee. Thing is Campana didn’t do anything to help him out this spring terrible OBP… stole some bases but you gotta get on base to do that. Dejesus needs to pick it up but I am giving him a break since its so early.

DeJesus just seems lost in the field and on the basepaths. Surely this will not continue and he will calm down.

We are accustomed to this situation, hoping for the best out of a player. At least the jury is out on DeJesus at a reasonable contract length and cost. I agree Campana did not perform GREAT this spring, but his ability to catch the ball and PINCH run alone would add more to the team’s chances of tying or winning late. I don’t think any of us will count on Blake DeWitt tying/winning a game by singling, stealing second and scoring on a single or tying/winning a game by hitting a homerun or making any game saving catches in any outfiled postion. I know Campana’s presence won’t make or break this team, I am just not on board keeping DeWitt over Campana or Sappelt for that matter. Isn’t this team screaming for ANY speed, manueverability and defense? Especially during the late innings? A big deal? No, but still a questionable roster decision.

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