4/2 No Knute Rockne speech needed

Dale Sveum has held meetings every morning in Spring Training but that will stop once the regular season starts. He does plan on addressing the team before the regular season opener Thursday at Wrigley Field but doesn’t feel a need to pump the players up with a fire and brimstone motivational talk.

“We’ll have our meeting and I’ll say something,” Sveum said Monday. “It won’t be choreographed or anything. It won’t be a Knute Rockne speech or anything. I think I say it enough in my morning meetings, so it’s nothing they don’t know. I’d be repeating myself. They know — they don’t need to say a whole lot on Opening Day and when the season starts. You better not need somebody to motivate you when the season starts on Opening Day.”

Count Sveum as being ready for the regular season to get started. His players are eager to break camp.

“Spring Training is long,” Sveum said. “We’re all beat up now a little bit and you see a little bit of the energy drop in the last three, four days, not so much on the field but in drills and stuff. That’s been going on for 100 years. Guys have just had enough and it’s time to get started and get a whole new energy level built up. It’s not that easy to find that energy in Spring Training at the end of it because you know what that season is going to be like on Thursday.”

The Cubs will continue to meet during the season, usually before a road trip or series.

“It’ll just be fun stuff,” Sveum said.

— Carrie Muskat

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