4/4 Welcome to Wrigley

The Cubs players worked out Wednesday at Wrigley Field under sunny skies and temperatures slightly cooler than mornings in Arizona. It was a day for many to get settled — Shawn Camp didn’t know where the home clubhouse was and there is a new soft toss hitting area under the left field bleachers to explore. We’ll have photos later, otherwise check out my Twitter account for some sights from a tour. The new LED scoreboard is installed in right field and workers were putting the finishing touches on the area. The right field area will seat 150 people, and you can either purchase the whole section or a part of it. There are new corporate sponsors — there’s a Target logo on an outfield door, for example. The Cubs front office has consolidated to a building on Clark Street, which has space for 155. The staff was using trailers outside Wrigley Field to handle all the staff. Said Crane Kenney: “This space has been energizing for everybody.”

Opening Day is less than 24 hours away.

— Carrie Muskat

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Saw some of the pics on twitter; thanks for sharing!

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