4/5 No excuses

Kerry Wood did check the video replay of the pitches he threw in the eighth and had no complaints. Wood took over for Ryan Dempster with the Cubs leading, 1-0, on Opening Day. The Nationals had one on and two outs.

Wood walked the next two batters to load the bases, then walked Jayson Werth to drive in the game-tying run. The questionable call came on an 0-2 pitch to Werth.

“[Catcher Geovany Soto] set up off the plate,” Wood said of the pitch. “It was a purpose pitch — either get him to chase it or get a [strike out] there. I don’t think [DeMuth] missed anything that cost us.”

In the Nationals ninth, Chad Tracy doubled off the right field wall off Carlos Marmol and pinch-runner Brett Carroll then scored on Ian Desmond’s single.

“He took advantage of a good pitch and it dropped,” Marmol said.

When asked if this was like last year, Marmol quickly said, no.

“Last year is over,” Marmol said. “This is a new year. Next question.”

Wood, the elder statesmen on the team, beginning his 12th season, didn’t blame the wind or cold or the light work load this spring. He threw 25 pitches on Thursday to four batters. In his last three spring outings, he threw a total of 22 pitches.

“It’s probably the best Opening Day conditions I’ve been part of in awhile,” Wood said. “No excuses. I didn’t get it done today.”

— Carrie Muskat


why do they think that Marmol is such a great reliever? I cringe when ever he comes in to the game

Hey hey to all Cub fans. Theo Epstein and all of the other expensive brass didn’t get an opening day hit, catch a ball, or save an outstanding starting effort by Ryan Dempster. Did you really look at the lineup? It had almost the same cast as last years losers, except that two of the biggest home run hitters and run producers were missing. Instead of Ramirez and Pena, we have an over the hill right fielder, a questionable third baseman, and the same unreliable closer. We still can’t hit with men on base, but Theo and the boys would still like you to fill the ballpark with the most expensive tickets in baseball. Don’t offer me any free tickets because I’m just going to wait for the next NFL season to begin.

Once again the Cubs put their eggs in Marmols basket and ONCE AGAIN he blew it- when will they ever learn???????

Look the guys who left were not the answer, we know that from last year. This year was never going anywhere, barring a miracle. At least they see the need to bring in the right kind of players. I.E. “GOOD TEAM-LEADERS”. We were missing that for a few years. Remember six playoff losses, with our big three dragging their bats back to the dugout, dejected.

I don’t want to see a losing season, but at least it looks as if they have a plan.
That will keep my interest, for now. Come july though, I want to see the kids playing every day, at the big league level. Again, barring a miracle.

We as Cub fans are going to have to be patient. I’m optimistic in the long run but it may be painful for some time. Marlene and Sue, Marmol will have a couple of months to show his worth. How about Dolis as closer? I don’t see marmol past the half way point.

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