4/10 Cubs lineup – UPDATED

Paul Maholm makes his first start for the Cubs on Tuesday night. If you’re coming to the game, make sure you bundle up. It’s cold and wind is blowing out of northwest. Maholm needs to watch out for Ryan Braun, who is 11-for-33 against him, and also Carlos Gomez, who is 5-for-12. Both are in the Brewers lineup as is former Cubs third baseman Aramis Ramirez, who has hit two homers off the lefty. Bryan LaHair is not starting vs lefty Chris Narveson. Jeff Baker, who is 5-for-15 vs Narveson, is starting at first.

“I’m going to get Baker in there as much as possible,” Dale Sveum said of Baker, who has a career .309 against left-handers. “He swings the bat too good against left-handers to get him out of there. You try to get [Bryan] LaHair at-bats and get him accustomed but [LaHair] didn’t swing too well against left-handers in Spring Training. I’ve got to get Baker’s bat in there as much as I possibly can.”

Here’s the Cubs lineup:

RF DeJesus

2B Barney

SS Castro

LF Soriano

3B Stewart

1B Baker

C Soto

CF Byrd

P Maholm

— Carrie Muskat


This doesnt make any sense. This isn’t Cole Hamels we’re talking about, this is a total nobody, why are they sitting LaHair against this guy? Because the guy who cost us the Opening Day game because he’s no good at 1st base has 5 whole hits against him? Really? This is just plain dumb.

I have to agree with SirGladiator. Left/Righty…what’s the difference, is LaHair our best first baseman or not? I realize Baker has a good ba vs. lefties but this is Jeff Baker right? The same Jeff Baker the Cubs have had for the past few years? My gosh, this is soooo dissapointing on Sveum’s part. THIS early in the season and he is taking a note from Quade’s book? Unless LaHair CAN’T play because of his back this is way too familiar of past managers…which we DON’T NEED. Jeff Baker. If Sveum is going to fall into a “platoon” type of manager then we might as well bring up Campana and alternate him with Byrd and or Soriano. Jeff Baker. He’ll go 4 for tonight and I still don’t want to see him start over LaHair. It’s more important to see LaHair’s ab’s vs. lefties rather than see if Baker can still hit lefties. Jeff Baker. Yeesh.

Sorry, Joey, but I have to go with Sveum here. LaHair did not look good vs LHP in Spring Training; Baker did.

No apology needed Carrie, but thanks. With this way of thinking however and you agreeing with Sveum LaHair is now considered a platoon firstbaseman? Doesn’t seem to jive with what was proclaimed at the onset of the year as LaHair being THE starting first baseman. I never did care for a platoon situation (if this is what is to come) when one half of the plattoon (Baker in this case) is overwhelmingly “averarge” and does not play well enough nor have enough upside to justify the manager NEEDING to get him playing time at the expense of one of the few power bats in the lineup. Now, somebody MUCH better, or with more potential than either LaHair or Baker (Rizzo???) would be a different story. Relagating LaHair as a “can’t hit lefties” first baseman pretty much makes his presence moot and they might as well just go with “there guy” Rizzo and leave him alone at first base. This seems to be a continuation of WHAT DOES NOT WORK, especially at a postion considered for a long time to be a power bat position. Sorry Carrie but I have to go with SirGladiator as Baker NEVER looked good as a first baseman and is only there by lack of options, no way has he ever excelled enough to justify him taking AB’s away from a player like LaHair. Baker is one of those players that hangs around because he can hit lefties, NOT because he provides power, plays a great first base or plays a great outfield. An adequate role/bench player, that’s all. Do you think we will see LaHair ride the pine every time we face a lefty? We’ll soon see DeWitt at 1B when Baker is in a slump? All because they are better options than LaHair? Sveum can’t even wait until LaHair has a MAJOR LEAGUE track record of futility vs. lefties?
I think this is exactly what most Cubs fans DON’T want to see AGAIN.

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