4/17 Cubs lineup

Steve Clevenger gets the start Tuesday when the Cubs face the Marlins at their new ballpark in Miami. The Cubs took advantage of the Florida sunshine to do some early work before the game, working on pitcher’s fielding practice and doing outfield drills. Here’s the lineup:

RF DeJesus

2B Barney

SS Castro

LF Soriano

3B Stewart

C Clevenger

1B LaHair

CF Byrd

P Dempster

— Carrie Muskat


Boy, Campana sure would look better leading off in CF with Byrd mired in a slump but that would mean we would have to go without DeWitt, our only pinch hitter off the bench…oh wait, we have Johnson, Baker, Mather, Soto and of course the resting Byrd for pinch hitting. Of course why mess with a 3-7 start? Who needs speed anyway?

AMEN Joey!
I would pay to see the kids learn on the job, but two more weeks of this and I’ll forget about it.
What do you think about hitting the pitcher in the seven spot? We might score more runs.
Only kidding, I think…..

the FO can’t expect to put a 90 mill dollar team out there and expect to be competitive right now…. we are the freaking Chicago Cubs we can spend 120-130 EASILY… if our owner can’t handle that then get outa dodge… if our FO can’t handle spending that money WISELY then get outa dodge…. enough is enough!!

I certainly don’t expect to be competitive at all at this point in Hoystein’s watch but what I would expect is the utilization of the best AVAILABLE players to improve the chances of at least winning SOME ballgames during the “adjustment period”. I believe that Campana and possibly Wells received the short end of the stick in favor of questionable players and questionable motives. Why is it so important to have DeWitt on the team? What exactly justifies Maholm and Volstadt over Wells? Didn’t Wells pitch pretty darn good this spring too? Could it be that Hosytein NEEDS Volstadt on the roster to somehow validate the Zambrano trade? When all along most of us fans don’t really care if we received anybody for Zambrano. Well, Volstadt and Maholm may turn things around, it is early but Wells must be scratching his head.
HEY!!! I did see Soriano play a ball off the wall very nicely, he definatley has shown some defensive improvement ….but his all around game has truly seen better days and I can’t see him contributing much the next 3 years. Patience is now our best friend.

soriano is much improved… I just hope it keep up for the next couple months… maybe some sucker will need him… but I am sure he will be a cub for the rest of his contract

Have faith Petrey, the Cubs may wind up paying him in 2013 and 2014 but surely he can’t be patrolling LF….right? We’ve got some kids that by then will not be denied.

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