4/18 Wood expected back Friday

Kerry Wood had a cortisone shot in his right shoulder on Wednesday and if all goes well, he could be back in the Cubs bullpen on Friday.

“He said he already felt relief from [the shot], so that’s good,” Dale Sveum said Wednesday.

Wood, 34, returned to Chicago on Tuesday after feeling some discomfort in his shoulder following his last outing last Friday in St. Louis. When Wood does return, the Cubs will be careful in how they use him.

“It’ll still be an every other day thing until we know he’s feeling great and really strong,” Sveum said.

For the two remaining games in Miami, the Cubs will use James Russell or Rafael Dolis in the set-up role.

— Carrie Muskat


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Sadly, who cares at this point?

Who really cares. Time to challenge tigers 119 lose season

I have been a cubs fan for the better part of 70 years and will continue to be one. I am quite disheartened to see the way they are playing. If they continue to play as bad as they have so far this season they will be fortunate to win 50 games. It is discouraging to see my beloved cubs so totally outclassed day after day.

keith –70 yrs is a long time and a lot of memories. We are in a mess together as fans but hopefully the young guys about ready to come up will be entertaining at least.

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