4/19 Bunting tournament

When Matt Garza was pulled from the Wednesday’s game against the Marlins, he grabbed a bat in the dugout and went into the tunnel. What gives?

“He thought he was going to hit,” Dale Sveum said with a smile. “He went to get some swings down in the tunnel.”

Sveum pointed out there was a batting tee and a net down there. Only the Cubs and Garza know what happened.

Said Garza: “I wanted to go square up in the mirror and see where I was at with my stance and stuff like that.”

— Carrie Muskat 


Great idea ro work on bunts–but we don’t bunt–or when we rarely do (sac by Garza) we don’t execute–other teams are good at it (against us!)

That’s a good point Gary! A lot was made about the bunting tournament and the only legit bunter (Campana) with the ability to get bunt singles…is in AAA while the awesome bunting, speed and defensive skills of DeWitt are single handidly giving us a chance to tie the game, take the lead, come from behind or catch a ball in the outfield….barf.

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