4/23 Baker gets start over LaHair

Jeff Baker started at first base Monday night against Cardinals lefty Jamie Garcia instead of left-handed hitting Bryan LaHair.

“Right now, I’d like to see better at-bats [by LaHair] against left-handers,” Dale Sveum said. “He’s obviously swung the bat great against right-handed pitchers but Spring Training through now, we’ve talked about some things to try to adjust his approach against left-handed pitching, especially big league left-handed pitching specialists. We have to give him some at-bats as well. When a guy like Baker is sitting on your bench who kills left-handed pitching, you’ve got to get him in the lineup somehow.”

So far this season, LaHair is 0-for-6 against left-handed pitchers and batting .433 (13-for-30) against right-handers. Baker has a career .310 average against lefties and is batting .237 against right-handed pitchers.

— Carrie Muskat 


LOL, Lahair hit 250 last year vs. lefties, that is higher than a lot of guys in the line up are hitting this year. It was a small sample but still, he had a couple of doubles. It wasn’t like he hit four bloopers.
Is he our starting firstbaseman, or not?
there are five guys hitting less than 250 in the line up. if it is early for them, isn’t early for LaHaire?
who needs the at bats, your role player, or “your middle of the line up guy”???
now that we’ve talked about it, lets have him go do it.

Baker is not in our future period. LaHair can take the ball to left field against lefties. If Jeff gets 4 hits tonight–so what!

I’m just spitting mad! We know Baker can’t hit right handers, yet he has more at bats against right handers (13) that LaHair does against left handers (6). Let LaHair play against every pitcher!

If he never gets AB’s against lefty’s he will never get better. Especially if ypu keep telling him he can’t hit them. BTW Baker is not that great this year either.

LaHair’s at bat tonight against Motte was all gamer baseball. Fouled off pitch after pitch, breaking down Motte who was throwing in high 90’s and also allowed other batters in the line up a chance to get their look and timing down against Motte. This still the LaHair that Muskrat said last year that the Cubs had no viable alternative to Pena at 1B in the minors last year and strongly hinted at the fact the Cubs should bring back Pena for 2012. And all the while poor LaHair was crushing the ball in AAA and couldn’t even get the beat writer for the Cubs to acknowledge the fact or at least recognize the fact that someone battling for a triple crown in the minors is a viable option to someone batting 200 in the bigs. Still waiting for you to apologize to LaHair Carrie! And what does it say about the Cubs organization that keep rewarding a beat writer like this – I hope these kids get their due by their fans at least if the beat writers can’t give them worthy credit.

Also love that the Cardinal announcers (sorry was watching live check ins off the web while on my honeymoon) recognize that Quade and the Cubs organization didn’t give LaHair a fair shake last year and the Cubs beat writer who should be unbiased and on top of their didn’t realize the effort that a kid was putting in much less acknowledge it in an article. Be unbiased and report the facts like a good writer should.

Not sure how much you’ve followed Cubs.com, but LaHair’s exploits last season at Iowa were covered regularly in the Minor League report. If you do a search, he has not been ignored by this website. It wasn’t my decision to keep him at Iowa. I was the only one to talk to him at the Winter Meetings in December. He was featured prior to Opening Day as the key player for 2012 for the Cubs. Ignore him? Hardly.

Here is my question: We as Cubs fans have been told to be patient which is alright because I realize new players and new systems need time to jell. So if we are all knowing this is not going to be a championship season then why not really think outside of the box. Like seeing if maybe Rizzo can play left thus adding alittle more pop in the line up and go ahead and bring up Jackson and throw him in centerfield. I mean how can a team find that chemistry by playing together if we try to play cautious. I mean we have been trying everything slde for over 100 years how about trying another approach.

^ because we wouldn’t control those younger players for as long as if we kept them in the minors for 1/2 the year… the FO is doing the right thing with these kids… you want to keep control of your young, cheap talent for as long as possible… what would we gain from bringing them up now and not be in it? Just to see them play? Not smart…

how can a team know if they have chemistry if we add a piece here and there……These guys would get the same anount of bats if we brought them up then letting them do great in the minors, How long do we have to baby them.

You can say that about control of the younger players every year and then suddenly Brett Jackson is Bryan LaHair, a talented 29 year old rookie that the manager refuses to play every day because he is a career minor leaguer. Next year they’ll be saying the same thing while they continue to pay more expensive less talented veterans like David DeJesus.

The worst case in bringing up the “young” players is that they may blossom early, become superstars and you lose “control”???? They then will be high paid free agents sooner and if the Cubs want to “control” them at that point they will have to PAY THE PRICE??? SO WHAT….THEN PAY THEM. THAT WOULD BE A GOOD THING RIGHT???? Bring them up early when we have nothing but failing players to replace, let them develop TOGETHER and roll the dice if they turn into superstars and we eitther have to pay OUR OWN SUPERSTARS or lose some “control”. Hasn’t Hendry OVERPAID other team’s superstars way too often and have waaaaaay too long of a “control” time frame (Soriano)??? When I see a line up consisting of our “cleanup” hitter being Soriano protected by our “5 hole” hitter Baker I want to puke. THOSE are our 4 & 5 hitters? It appears the sentiment throughout all but one of these comments is to finally shed all the players that will not figure in the developing team. We can’t devolop a winning team with Soriano in LF, and Baker taking ab’s away from LaHair. We fans need to exhibit patience??? How about Sveum taking his own advice and showing some patience with LaHair vs. lefties?
If he MUST get the juggernaut Baker in the line up because he can hit lefties then put him in LF replacing a .200 week hitter that is LUCKY to get a sac fly once in a while but fails miserably in the big RBI chances. Twice in one game Soriano leaves the bases loaded? Can’t even put the ball in play? Good thing HE leade of the ninth inning last night with a typical strike out instead of being in Mather’s spot with the tying and winning run in scoring postion. Mather is no Ty Cobb but I had much more confidence in him with two strikes than I would ever have in Soriano. You can control players as long as you want as long as you are willing to sign THEM when they become free agents if they deserve it, unlike Hendry. Now, bringing them up too soon and being overwhelmed is another story and I am not screaming for Jackson or Rizzo right now (wouldn’t mind, just not screaming for them) but with the AVAILABLE people on the bench (Johnson, Mather, Campana) Sveum can do a better job in LF benching Soriano than benching LaHair for Baker. For Baker!!! Unbelievable.
I can’t believe we are seeing some things from Sveum I didn’t expect, so far somewhat dissapointing that he is walking the co. line regarding Soriano.

KPC, sounds like you have a bigger gripe with Carrie than the befuddled former managing team of our beloved Cubs who acutally called the shots on last year’s roster. If I’m not mistaken, Carrie’s blog was a big part of learning about LaHair’s exploits. It’s all water under the bridge, let’s just hope that Sveum stops this foolishness of sitting LaHair in favor of Baker, DeWitt or Mather. If has to get those “bats” in the line up it should come at the expense of the Hendry Holdover Soriano in LF or the struggling Stewart at 3B but certainly not LaHair. So what if LaHair has some trouble hitting lefties right? Soriano has trouble hitting lefties AND righties!!!

If Carrie had not followed LaHair with his accomplishments last year–Cub fans would not have known he existed. Management and other media sources essentially ignored one of the greatest minor league years ever. Go back and re-read all the write-ups by Carrie.

argue you all you want about the control of young players but you guys are looking at it the wrong way… I don’t know enough about it to explain it throughly but go ahead and use google and look around. There are benefits to leaving young players down as long as possible. I believe it involves arbitration years.

Oh, I see….we’re looking at it the wrong way….gee thanks, did you get that “you guys”?? We are wrong, so says petrey. It’s not the WRONG way, it’s THE DIFFERENT WAY, you know, DIFFERENT like who cares after 100 years about CONTROLLING players keeping the future dollars (NOT OURS) in mind? How about people being able to THINK DIFFERENTLY without being labled WRONG? We can see how alllllllllll the “control” has helped this wayward team over the years.
Maybe every 103 years the Cubs should throw “control” out the window, bring up some GOOD talent and see it we can make the playoffs before they ALL become Albert Pujols and we “lose em” ??? Besides, like I said, IF they become great and the Ricketts DO want to control them at that point….what’s stopping them from paying a couple of home grown superstars at free agency? Don’t we all hope that these kids end up that way anyway? If any team needs to be outside the box by looking at things the “WRONG” way, it’s the Cubs. We controlled Maddux real good, didn’t we?

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