4/23 Cubs lineup

The Cubs will face lefty Jamie Garcia on Monday, and Dale Sveum is getting as many right-handed hitters in the lineup as possible. Here’s the lineup:

RF DeJesus

2B Barney

SS Castro

LF Soriano

1B Baker

C Soto

CF Johnson

3B Mather

P Garza

— Carrie Muskat


I would think right handed SWINGERS would be more appropriate at this point as one must hit the ball to be a HITTER. This lets Soriano out right away. I still would rather take my chances with Campana and LaHair vs. lefties, Johnson over Soriano and Mather over StewarT are more logical. Gee, I wonder what is going through Hoystein’s mind….Sveum already subbing for Stewart, “their guy”??? ALREADY.
is it ILLEGAL to bench Soriano for a week or so???? Him being immune to this new way of doing things and playing the better options is somewhat hypocritacal, no?

Sveum-we have been through a year of this. We are telling you that Quade is swimming with the fishes because of the veterans..They get a huge check every two weeks–they do not care.

LOL, Lahair hit 250 last year vs. lefties, that is higher than a lot of guys in the line up are hitting this year. It was a small sample but still, he had a couple of doubles. It wasn’t like he hit four bloopers.
Is he our starting firstbaseman, or not?

pretty sure they don’t get paid every two weeks…. they aren’t on a 9-5 like most people…

No kidding guys. Anything wrong with this line up for the next month or so?
CF Campana
2B Barnery
SS Castro
1B LaHair
C Clevenger
3B Stewart
RF DeJesus
LF Mather/Johnson

I mean really, do Soriano and Soto matter any more? Soriano’s hand writing is on the wall and Soto needs an extended stay on the bench so he can re-think his position and have one last shot at sticking in majors. Plus, I think this line up helps at the top of the order. This season, why not? It could give Jackson and Rizzo some more time in the minors, fine tuning their game for a mid season call up??

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