4/24 Cubs lineup – UPDATED

Forgot Starlin Castro. Don’t know why. Just brain cramp. Let’s try this lineup with Tony Campana in center field on Tuesday for the Cubs in the second game of a three-game series against the Cardinals. Jeff Samardzija will start. He beat the Cardinals and Adam Wainwright on April 13 in St. Louis, giving up five runs on 10 hits over five innings. The Cardinals batted around against him in a five-run fifth. Here’s the lineup:

RF DeJesus

CF Campana

SS Castro

1B LaHair

LF Soriano

3B Stewart

2B Barney

C Soto

P Samardzija

— Carrie Muskat


wow playing with no SS? Bold strategy… lets see how it pans out!

Come on seriously???

I would like to see this batting order for kicks…. Dejesus, Barney, Castro, Lahair, Soriano, Soto, Stewart, SHARK, Campana…. just for kicks….

I’ve got a better idea… instead of Soriano in left, let’s go with Castro at SS and only 8 players batting. Neither team should notice.

just wanted to see if anybody was paying attention.

So, if Castro doesn’t make an error tonight, he will be on a pace to commit 63 errors for the season. Are they going to let him do that? Would they bench him because of his defense, and if so, at what point do they do so?

I’d rather see DeJesus bumped down in the order with Campana leading off and Barney REMAINING in the 2 hole where he’s BEEN GREAT…..what gives?

Sveum-Jamie genius Quirk–Let Campy have his bats.

you know this may be the bigging of something big. look Ryan,Matt, Mark solid 3 Marmol has some nice help in the pen. Stewart, DeJesus,good newbies. Keep Al fonse I love the guy hes really a TEAM guy!!!!


get off of Soriano’s back… the dude is trying… his defense is much improved… his approach at the plate is much improved… I am not saying he is worth anything close to what he is getting paid but he is at least trying out there this year

Yes sir petrey!! Yeah, give little Alfonso a gold star “for trying” to hang up on the fridge. Zambrano was “trying”, Silva was “trying”, heck even Hendry was “trying” GLAD THEY ARE ALL GONE. Now Hoystein is “trying” to include Soriano in that group, THAT’s the “trying” that matters. OF COURSE he’s improved his defense. Going from Completly horrible, embarrassing and afraid of the wall to below average is quite an achievment. I don’t care if HE or ANY player is “earning his pay” or not because I don’t care what they make, I care about them BEING GOOD and Soriano is far from good at playing the outfield, hitting for average, making contact with the bat and being a CLEAN UP HITTER. There’s plenty of room on his back, for Ryan and a bushel of apples. AFTER LaHair, who “can’t hit lefties” ties the game with a homerun off a lefty, Soriano drives in the winning run with a hard hit shot on an outside pitch and went 3 for 4 with his first extra base hit of the year raising his average to .225 …. we call that a career game for him nowadays. TRADE HIS BACK. mmmmmm….apples….

haha yep haters gonna hate… keep it up man… i forgot that “good” players never change or go through slumps… my bad… like I said I am not saying he is worth the salary we pay him. I am just saying give the guy some credit where credit is due. You want to talk bad defense you better be mentioning Castro NOT Soriano because his defense has been good this year SO FAR… now if we can add in Campana’s range Soriano and the OF should be even better.

HA HA HA HA HA so funnny, lableling anybody that does not have a bad player’s back as a hater. Castro’s defense is horrible, mentioned. If Soriano with his bad defense was hitting like Castro his defense would be tolerated. If Castro with his bad defense was hitting like Soriano….he wouldn’t be the starting SS, he’d still be in the minors. But the Cubs brought up a NINETEEN year old and threw caution to the wind and “control” meant nothing in HIS case, why??? THOSE are good apples too, anybody like them??? So much for the “control theory”. Sure Soriano is changing, he’s getting slightly better than terrible in the field, he’s getting older, slower, worse at the plate, and continuing his year long slump of 2011 into 2012. Yep, Soriano lovers gonna love… still stuck on his salary petrey? Bad is bad, no matter what players get paid and Soriano’s salary has nothing to do with me wanting a BETTER left fielder.
And if you think Soriano’s defense is GOOD this year….you must have missed a few games when he should have played balls on the hop keeping the batter to a single instead of trying to catch the ball and turning a single into a double. This so-called “improved” defense line that managment has been touting about Soriano may have gone to his head and he (and evidently others) now think he is a silk purse when in fact he is still a sow’s ear. The “improved defense” line is being bandied about to hopefully get ANY TEAM INTERESTED IN TAKING HIM ON….that’s part of the “trying” I referred to previously. Good idea by the Cubs’ brass, let’s hope there’s a desperate team out there willing to take the bait. Glad your’e finally seeing the light regarding Campana’s value petrey…maybe you’re changing…KEEP IT UP!

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