4/24 Sticking with Soriano

Alfonso Soriano is in a little bit of a funk. He’s 0-for-11 in his last three games and batting .200 overall. But Cubs manager Dale Sveum isn’t ready to move the left fielder down in the order.

“I think he’s still a threat,” Sveum said. “I’m not going to move him down any time soon, that’s for sure. He’s a big threat. He’s in the five-spot and he’s got people around him who can do things. The media guide doesn’t lie. When it’s all said and done, he’ll end up with his 25 to 30 home runs and we’ll look back on this and laugh at it.”

Soriano still does not have an extra base hit this year.

— Carrie Muskat


I think that it’s stuck with Soriano. No takers, nowhere, no way.

Yes, Dale. We laugh every season at his inept play.

It’s so obvious that Sveum is saying “all the right things” about Soriano that it is a slap in the fans’ faces. Soriano had a good night last night, even driving in the winning run on an OUTSIDE PITCH!!! Hooray for him, really. He usually would swing, miss, look foolish and head back to the dugout. But he came through last night
but the night belonged to LAHAIR, you know THAT guy who should ride the bench whenever a lefthanded pitcher is within 10 miles of Wrigleyville. Gee….can’t wait to see Baker at 1B again. Also I find vindication knowing that Campana has already had a postive effect on this team as I have been saying since the Cubs broke camp WITHOUT HIM. And it took dumping Byrd to do it? Really? I still think DeWitt is taking up a roster spot that should have gone to Campana to begin with and is now preventing another more useful player (name one) from helping this team win if not develop into the “Team Of The Future” Hummina, hummina…. “Team Of The Future”

actually baltimore and cubs had a trade in place in the offseason but Soriano used his NTC… at least from the reports I have heard… nothing offically came out on it…

2 bad Soriano likes his bread buttered more in Chicago than Baltimore. Suckers don’t come around too often.

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