4/25 Vote for LaHair

Bryan LaHair has been a Triple-A All-Star and a Texas League All-Star, but this year, he’s on the big league All-Star ballot, included among National League first basemen.

“It’s cool to see those things,” said the Cubs first baseman, who hit his fourth homer on Wednesday in a 5-1 loss to the Cardinals. “It’s just another new experience for me. Every time a new experience comes around, it’s always fun to see — my family was excited to see that.”

Did he pick up a ballot as a souvenir?

“No, but I may if it comes across,” LaHair said. “It’s not something I play for. I play to help the team win and if my numbers and the votes come my way, that’s a plus.”

Maybe he can get his friends to vote online for him on MLB.com and Cubs.com.

“I’m sure there’s a bunch of people back in my hometown or maybe in Chicago,” he said, hoping the folks in his hometown of Worcester, Mass., come through. “We’ll see.”

— Carrie Muskat 


Keep on -keep on Bryan and here comes a vote.

One of the major problems the Cubs have this year is a lack of power. We are last in the major leagues. We have only “two” potential power hitters in LaHair and Soriano. IF they do not hit a home run it is likely no one will. We are not going to be winning many games with three run home runs. Does anyone have any idea why we have an 88 million dollar payroll? That is a small market payroll. Is this a permanent sort of move or a one year thing?

We are not small market and the FO will spend but spend wisely. When Soriano, Dempster, Soto, Marmol etc are all gone I expect to see the FO start spending some money. A 130 million payroll is easy for the Cubs to handle but when you spend that 130 million you better be winning some games. I also think the FO is trying to figure out how to spend the money on renovating Wrigley. I will be severely ticked if we don’t spend some money this offseason.

Right you are petrey. I think this season remains a “see what we have” type of year and I expect the cash to flow more freely this offseason but not flow as freely unless the albatross Soriano is unloaded. Because even if a free agent outfilelder is “bought” we will need a spot for him in LF as Jackson will probably be in CF next year and DeJesus will remain in RF. I would think Hoystein will “see” that LF is a very likely spot to improve via free agency as well as the bullpen. But the small payroll this year is part of the plan.

Some improvement also needed at 3rd, 2 starters, and some late inning pitching.

Cubs fans… PLEASE put Campana on the AS-ballot as your write-in vote!!!

On an unrelated not, who will be the next player on the MLB blog?
From what I recall, the last ones were Byrd, DeRosa, Johnson and Theriot (not sure about him). For Johnson it was during his 1st stint with the Cubs.
So, looking at it, it seems all the players with a Cubs blog leave pretty soon after they start their blog. That’s why I vote for Soriano to be our next blogger. If not, DeWitt, Soto or Marmol will also be ok.

oops… “unrelated note” instead of “not”

I’ve talked to Reed about reviving his “Reed Between the LInes.” Glad to hear there’s interest.

Note to worry Belgian.

you really think campana is AS material? I mean lets wait a little longer and see what he does ya?

Tony Campana is an AWESOME asset to this team and it took Hoystein too long to get him up here where he belongs. He is a much better alternative than Byrd was as a starting center fielder, a much more versatile player off the bench then DeWitt will ever be and would probably be more USEFUL (relax…I said USEFUL, not powerful…) an everyday left fielder than the plodding none-dimensional Soriano.
He is NOT an Allstar. Sorry Belgian, but time to reign it in a little bit and keep ourselves firmly grounded. I may be pro-Campana but we need to keep it real at the same time.

I know he’s not AS, but at least those votes go to a Cub. There aren’ many Cubs on the roster that deserve a AS spot this season, but I still vote for them, so why not write in Campy as he’s a (almost) every day CF now.

this is why i don’t like the AS selection system… The best players should make it no matter what team… there is no reason for anyone to vote for campana or lahair… now if lahair is batting .350 with 12 homers at the end of june I will be happy to throw some votes at him

To be honest I do not think we have anyone who should start on the all-star team. Castro can hit but has problems fielding. There are SS’s out there that can do both and hit with power. The two who could be possible are Garza and Dempster. I think Dempster has an ERA under 2.0.

Can’t vote for an AS just because he’s a Cub. I wouldn’t want to contribute to the already errant conception that all us Cubs’ fans don’t know baseball. The truth is the truth and there are no DESERVING all stars on this team. If a player is needed to satisfy the stupid rules about representation I would agree with petrey and see the value of first Garza, then Dempster on the NL squad. Sorry Belgian, Campana has my vote to be the current starting center fielder and lead off man but not my vote for the all star team.

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