4/25 Wood making progress

Kerry Wood, on the disabled list with right shoulder fatigue, threw off the mound Tuesday and was continuing to make progress in his rehab.

“Everything’s going good,” Cubs manager Dale Sveum said Wednesday. “He feels a lot better. We’ll just keep building that up. We’re not putting any timetable on his return or anything. We’ll just make sure he’s ready to go when we activate him.”

Wood, 34, was placed on the disabled list last Friday, retroactive to April 14. Sveum said he wants to make sure the right-hander can throw all his pitches before he’s activated. Shawn Camp and Rafael Dolis will take over as the right-handed set-up pitchers while Wood is sidelined.

— Carrie Muskat


Wood should retire. He`s been on the DL so often, it`s beyond laughable. Place someone on the roster who knows what “contribute” means. Kerry is deadwood, no pun intended. Go back to Texas or Arizona or wherever you are domiciled and try to live off your ill-gotten millions you received for not doing much to help the Cubs compete. Au revoir.

Someone needs to inform Dale Sveum that “good” is not an adverb. It is an adjective. “Everything is going good,” is deplorable English usage. He needs to improve his utilization of the English language as much as he needs to make better baseball decisions.

Wood is making progress to what end? Joseph M. Hopkins…..MAY be onto something. I think we will always expect Wood to land on the DL not too soon after he returns FROM the DL. Maybe the love affair is sadly over….?

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