4/28 Castillo expected to join Cubs

Welington Castillo will join the Cubs in Philadelphia Saturday night, getting the call to replace Steve Clevenger, who has some tightness in his side. Castillo was batting .320 with two home runs and eight RBIs in 16 games (50 at-bats) for Triple-A Iowa. Clevenger, who was 11-for-22 in 10 games, felt the discomfort during batting practice Friday in Philadelphia. Geovany Soto, the Cubs regular catcher, was batting .135 with one RBI this season.

— Carrie Muskat 


I was suppose to go watch the Cubs and Philly play today but after hearing about the future Hall of Famed Steve Clevenger being put on the disable list I cancel my plans.

Well, there’s always the chance that Castilo gets an opportunity like Clevinger to push Soto to the back of the line. Who knows, by the end of June Soto may be traded and Castillo and Clevinger will share catching duties ushering in an OUTSIDE THE BOX idea that a number one catcher may not be the ticket for a team trying to win a World Series afte 103 years. Two catchers sharing eaual playing time, some may think that WRONG because oh my, what are the pitchers to do without a number one everyday catcher to call garmes? But really….it’s just DIFFERENT. What good is an everyday, number one pitcher if he is regressing like Soto????
C’mon Wellington…bring it on!

I would love to see Clevenger as the main guy with Castillo starting for maybe one or two of the starters. I believe that would be the wisest way to approach a platoon at C. Give Clevenger 3 of the guys in the rotation and give Castillo 2. That way they can get familiar with their starter and each stay fresh. Get Soto out of here!! Seriously I think he is a worse cancer than Soriano… by far… bar none…

Wow petrey, even I never called Soriano a cancer. I mean he’s practically worthless at this point of his career and is definatley impeding the career of ANYBODY ELSE that can play left build….but a cancer? Isn’t that Milton Bradley territory? Soto a cancer? Doesn’t a player need to be inherently bad both on and (more so) OFF the field to be considered a cancer? I’m hard pressed trying to recall any stories of either Soriano or Soto causing such trouble for their teamates. Kind of harsh even my MY standards. Also, I thought that Castillo being the “true” catcher (not converted) would be the one to get the 3 of 5 starts. Clevenger appears to be a good hitter no doubt but doesn’t Castillo have an edge in calling games and defense? Either way, THAT I surely agree with. Give them both split time (any way you slice it and dice it) and break the news to Soto that he will be on the trading block with Soriano. Ironic that Mather hits the first homerun this year by any outfielder…and it comes as SORIANO’S REPLACEMENT!!! I see a pattern coming…..Sveum????

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