5/1 Extra bases

* Bryan LaHair hit five home runs in April, more than half of the team’s total nine homers for the month. The last Cubs player to account for more than half of the team’s homers in a month was Sammy Sosa, who hit 17 in August 2001, and the team totaled 32.

* The last time the Cubs hit nine homers in a month (with at least 20 games played) was August 1981. They totaled nine in 21 games that month.

* LaHair also has reached base safely in a team-high 19 straight games. The last Cubs first baseman to have a longer streak was Derrek Lee, who reached safely in 21 straight from July 31-Aug. 22, 2009.

* Starlin Castro and Tony Campana are the first Cubs duo to have at least seven stolen bases apiece in the first month since stolen base records were first kept in 1921. Castro has 10 steals and Campana has seven. The Cubs have 20 stolen bases so far; last year, they did not get their 20th until June 16.

— Carrie Muskat



how can the cubs work in lahair and rizzo in same lineup; nice problem to have but would like to see it happen. is lahair halfway decent as an outfielder?

LaHair should be left alone at first base as he is producing. Why is it LaHair must be moved to accommodate Rizzo? The question shouldb be: is RIZZO a half way decent outfileder? As we already have a producing first baseman hitting .390 I don’t see the logic in messing with LaHair for the sake of the annointed one. In time if LaHair falters for a LONG STRETCH and Rizzo is crushing the ball in AAA then and only then should Rizzo be considered to REPLACE LaHair at 1B. If Rizzo was brought up and given a crash course in LF replacing the abysmal Soriano, would that be a good move? Or would that be “messing” too much with the “First Baseman Of The Future?”. Would anybody mind if Rizzo was traded for two stud pitchers or is that forbidden because HE is Hoystein’s guy and LaHair is not?

Why is it Lahair must move? Because Lahair has played OF before…. Rizzo hasn’t…its not a matter of who provides the most offense but more the fact who hurts the team the least at the position… Why would we want to trade Rizzo? What if Lahair’s hot streak ends in a couple weeks? What if it ends next year? What then? We have no one else….

I like your thinking Joey!

when is our great leader Epstein, going to get a real team and not BS that was promised, your team leader like Suvem give them time that’s a joke–get a TEAM.

I don’t recall Epstein promising a “TEAM” for 2012. I imagine Joe W you are referring to a contending team? Really? You thought we would be GOOD this year? Epstein made it clear it would take time, Sveum is making it clear it will take the time Epstein is referring to getting him better players AND dump the remaining players that will not factor on the TEAM you must be pining for. We are witnessing the beginning of a change a looooong time in the making. Look at all the hold over Hendry mistakes that have already been “let go”, look at Rizzo in AAA putting pressure on the men that traded for him to promote him, look at the chance Svuem is giving LaHair one year over due because of HENDRY’S MAN QUADE. The same can be said for Samardzja. Quade being fired alone was the signal of better times to come. I actually feel patience will be rewarded as opposed to being taken for granted as I feel Hendry was inclined. Stewart and DeJesus are just a couple of fill-ins similar to Hendry’s Byrd & Fukodome except at less risk and Hoystein would have the sense to replace them in shorter time (even though they are “their guys”) than Hendry would ever think of replacing one of “his guys”. Launching Bradley and Silva does not count because Hendry was pretty much FORCED to let them go as opposed to calculating a better plan. It was all swing or miss with Hendry (kind of explains why he never railed against the owners “forcing” him to sign Soriano). Bradley and Silva were one big miss, as is Soriano. Hard to believe the Angels’ GM may make Hendry’s Soriano deal look good… if Pujols is done.

trust me Pujols is not done… The guy is one of the best players of our this generation, if not the best. One bad month doesn’t change that.

Oh…THAT Pujols. (duh.)
Hard to believe the Angels’ GM MAY (not WILL) make Hendry’s Soriano deal look good… IF (not BECAUSE) Pujols is done.
The 10 year contract, could still make Soriano’s deal look good. But OF COURSE petrey, I trust you, as we ALL should, no doubt, you know Pujols’ future, for sure, our go to guy when it comes to Nostradaming….. In Petrey We Trust.

Did I say I WANTED to trade Rizzo? Players get traded in order to make the team better according to the GM. I mentioned two “stud” pitchers for Rizzo because two stud pitchers WITH LaHair at 1B seems to make the team better than the current pitching staff with LaHair at 1B and Rizzo in AAA. I have no problem with LaHair in LF and Rizzo at 1B because how bad can LaHair be (OR Rizzo for that matter) compared to Soriano in LF? Hmmm gotta wonder if anybody would gamble trading Rizzo for Pujols? I guess one would have to KNOW that Pujols isn’t done….
If Rizzo has never played the outfield before why would one assume he is isn’t a better defender than the “experienced outfielder” LaHair? LaHair’s time in the outfield is no guartantee he is better than Rizzo would be. Maybe Rizzo DID play the outfield (I don’t see how if Petrey says he NEVER has…) ONCE and was noted to be so bad he is out of the consideration for the outfield. Good prospects get traded all the time to put teams in contention and all I’m saying is Rizzo at this point may or may not be an untouchable if Hoystein gets BLOWN AWAY with an offer.

why do you continue to ramble on? I KNOW Rizzo hasn’t played outfield because his stats proof that. 377 games in the minors… 376 were at 1B..1 at DH…. any questions? Anyway you can ramble on about how you think he should somehow develop into a OFer. The way you can assume Rizzo is a worse OFer than Lahair is from strictly the point HE HAS NEVER PLAYED THERE PROFESSIONALLY!! Sure he may have played the OF his freshman year of high school but what does that have anything to do with his professional career. I officially call this blog Joey’s Ramblings because he never shuts up!!!

Just to get under your skin, petrey. (and to all those who bow to your knowledge)
Lord, I was born a ramblin’ man
Trying to leave a comment and doin’ the best I can
And when it comes to petrey
I hope you’ll understand
That he’s labled me a ramblin’ man…

cool man…

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