5/2 Cubs lineup

No changes in the Cubs lineup from what was scheduled to start Tuesday before the rain came. The Cubs need to get the offense going. Their outfielders have the fewest home runs and fewest extra-base hits in the Major Leagues. Dale Sveum talks about the need to improve the slugging percentage, but the Nationals have the worst slugging percentage in the NL and they’re in first in the East. What do the Nationals have that the Cubs don’t? The best ERA in the NL. They’ve given up six home runs so far.

Here’s the lineup:

RF DeJesus

CF Campana

SS Castro

1B LaHair

LF Soriano

3B Stewart

2B DeWitt

C Soto

P Samardzija

— Carrie Muskat


Dewitt’s average is 120. He is in the game why???

haha i agree …. but he is in there because he hits Arroyo well… idk i guess lets see if it pans out. Really would like to see Dewitt get cut, there is no reason for him to be on this roster. Plenty of in house options could put up .120

Yep, me too. All along I said Campana is more valuable even IF he winds up with a lesser ba than DeWitt….and so far he may be a better hitter than a lot of us give him credit for. DeWitt is really hard to figure out, is he on the ML roster just so Hoystein can SAY he is a ML’r with better chances of getting somebody for him in a trade as opposed to cutting him? I don’t see the big deal, DeWitt was just a minor Hendry mistake and that’s all….no particular skills stand out in him…

man if Barney and Dejesus keep this up I wouldn’t mind seeing Cardenas and Jackson playing for them sooner rather than later. Barney could be a valuable utility coming off the bench or maybe trade bait. I don’t know but this team could legitimately not be the worst in the central if the young guys pan out…. or do we just bomb this year anyways and get the highest draft pick we can?

I think if the Jeff Bakers and the Joyce DeWitts on this team were replaced with the promising kids just champing at the bit to get to the bigs then Sveum would have more of a chance to figure out who will be the starters NEXT season. Darn the service time, bring up Jackson, Cardenas and???, let them play AND compete with the likes of Barney, Soto, Soriano, DeJesus, Stewart….It’s all about the future anyway, or so we have been told. If the owners/management think we fans are buying in to the “value” of the veteran presence of Baker, DeWitt and Soriano they are sorely mistaken. Campana the “bench” player was brought up and he found his way into the starting lineup, why not others like Jackson and Cardenas? Service time? That’s baloney.

would you rather them play now for nothing or wait another month or so for another year of control for when we MIGHT be good? IDK I really don’t care anymore… sick of this organization

I would rather see them play now and witness their enthusiasm and opportunity. So we lose a year, it may be worth it if bringing them up early will help them gel with other players and help weed out next year’s roster. As I said before, if they become GREAT and THE RICKETTS have to shell out more dough one year earlier or offer a longer contract, so be it. But you’re right….this is sickening. Watching the rookies might not be…

I like to see kids play too, Been a fan since 59, Im 63 love the Cubs, Anyone tell me about Cardenas. I know the Reds had a Leo Cardenas in the 60s.

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