5/2 It’s still early, Cubs fans

During early batting practice Wednesday at Great American Ball Park, Ian Stewart was hitting ball after ball to the opposite field. Then he launched a few into the right field seats.

“I like the ones he was hitting to right,” Dale Sveum said.

Stewart enters Wednesday’s game batting .169 overall and .143 in the four-game series in Philadelphia.

“He’s hit into a lot of bad luck,” Sveum said. “For his average to be where it is, I don’t think that’s where his swings are, not that he’s where he wants to be on a consistent basis. But some of the balls he’s hit hard. … It’s not as bad as the numbers look. The way he’s played defense and still centering balls up, it’s not as bad as it looks.”

Sveum has been patient with Stewart and Geovany Soto, who was hitting .127 overall.

“It’s 25 games into the season,” Sveum said. “It’s hard to panic after 25 games when you have 140 left, basically. These guys have a track record, although Stewart had a tough year last year. We didn’t pick him up to give him 25 days of a chance especially when he’s a two-way player, or can be a two-way player. It’s way too early, the weather is just starting to warm up. There’s plenty of guys struggling. [Albert] Pujols doesn’t have a home run yet, Prince Fielder has hit one since the second day of the season. It’s way too early to think about any change or anything like that.”

— Carrie Muskat


That is true, but it would be nice to see Stewart/Soto/Soriano start smacking some dingers!

Soto, Soriano, & DeJesus have all been rested while not hitting but Stewart who is hitting the least out of them all hasn’t sat .Why hasn’t Joe Mather gotten more of a chance to play after his great performance in spring training.

Because sitting Stewart a “STARTER” in favor of a “bench” player would make Hoystein look bad??? Take your pick, Mather should be starting ahead of Stewart OR Soriano. Even Stewart’s defense is lacking so….what gives?

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