5/3 Change in closer?

Cubs manager Dale Sveum said Thursday he’s considering using James Russell or Rafael Dolis as the closer instead of Carlos Marmol, who gave up three runs in the ninth inning in a 4-3 loss to the Reds.

“You’ve got to throw strikes and you have to throw strikes with your fastball,” Sveum said. “It’s the same story again. throwing 3-0 sliders when you have three-run leads is just not acceptable. We have to somehow make an adjustment there. We’ve got to throw fastballs in these situations.”

Marmol’s take?

“I’m frustrated,” Marmol said. “When you’re not throwing strikes, you’re frustrated.”

— Carrie Muskat 


Amen – Finally the voice of reason. 🙂

As far as being frustrated, I think Marmol can go to Iowa with that attitude and it will be much less painful for all of us.

It’s not his attitude, it’s his ability. I would have traded him for a REAL closer two years ago.

Sveum is on the long road of evaluating his players and hopefully will go only so far before his closer, who is supposed to save games AND his left fielder who is supposed to hit homeruns and drive in runs will BOTH be replaced. He can give the benefit of the doubt to some veterans…until it’s obvious those veterans WILL NOT GET THE JOB DONE.

There comes a time when enough is enough. Two years of this is more than enough. If the Manager does not address this immediately then his credibility is in question.This is no longer about Marmol but about the team and the fans. Try him in early relief. Perhaps taking the pressure off might change is pitching. He has great stuff which is no good if you cannot get it over the plate. Some team may think they can fix him. If so do a deal. Dollis, Wood or our young LH are clearly better choices. They may fail but something has to be done or the Manager will lose the teams confidence. I feel for Dempster who continues to pitch with an ERA under 2.0. He has been lights out this year. NO MORE MARMOL Dale. All us fans can clearly see it and have seen it for a long time. Open your eyes.

What they need is to get rid of him for whatever they can get and use Kerry Wood he is better then Marmol. They also need to get some of the money back that they are paying him because he is a total wreck. If he goes to Iowa does his get docked? He never was a closer, whoever said he was is probably gone from the Cubs organization anyway. Just do us all (Cubs Fans) a favor and put him anywhere but on the pitchers mound. I am surprised that Dempster didn’t want to pull a Zambrano on his head because this is the 2nd game he has caused him this year. Marmol is a thrower not a pitcher please never use him again.

> They also need to get some of the money back that they are paying him because he is a total wreck

What is your plan for them to get some of their money back? Rather than get it back from Carlos, I’d rather they try and get a refund from Alfonso. 160+ million for a consistent .245/20HR/70RBI guy? That’s worth about 2-3 million a year at best so Alfonso owes the Cubs 19million-3million = 16million * 8 years = $128 million that he should refund the Cubs. Ricketts should wait by the mailbox for Alfonso’s “refund check”… 128 million will buy several all-star players…

Marmol is in a slump. It happens to everyone. He’ll break out of it. It happened to Mitch Williams, It happened to Randy Myers. It happened to Bruce Sutter. It’s happened to Lee Smith. It’s happened to Rob Beck (Rest in peace good buddy, we miss you!!!), Joe Borowski, etc… If they shop him around to a player-caliber team in need of a closer (ie, Red Sox!!!), they better get some decent prospects for him as I still see him getting 30-40 saves again.

I think either Russel or Dolis would be great closers. Dolis did a superb job of getting out of the ninth today. Once the game that should have been won went into the tenth inning, the entire team got visibly frustrated and lost their control in the field. After going so many games with little or no errors, getting 2 in the tenth is just a sign of frustration. They gave up. I don’t really blame them.


Quade lives!

Marmol should either be traded for a used jockstrap, 2 broken bats and a moldy resin bag or sent down to the farm (animal farm that is) – He is pathetic – Soto should also learn to hit with men on base or he can be Marmol’s player to be named NOW!

Our loss today is to be blamed totally on Svuem, what idiot pulls the man that is on fire, this by the book baseball is for the birds, agressive, that is how you win, get a clue Svuem, should of hired Sandberg, then we would be on top!

> Our loss today is to be blamed totally on Svuem
With all due respect, Sveum is not to be blamed. He (like most other managers) are playing the odds and such. I don’t like it much either (I miss the 60’s and 70’s where every pitcher seemed to pitch complete games so many times) but Sveum is not to blame.

> what idiot pulls the man that is on fire

One such idiot is the guy who won the world series last year for St. Louis. Tony LaRussa. I’ve seen him time and time again pull pitchers out of the 7th inning (who had shutouts and 1 run outings going) and his relief corp successfully closed out the game. Can’t blame Sveum nor can call him an idiot. I credit him as he was trying to build Marmol’s confidence by seeing if he could close out this game too. It just did not work out.

> agressive, that is how you win,

Sveum *is* being aggressive. Players are stealing bases. Hit and run. Bunting, etc…

I trust Theo and Hoyer. They interviewed plenty of candidates and chose Sveum because they believe he was the best for the job. Considering they were the brainchild of 2 world championships, I am not going to doubt their decision to bring in Sveum.

Every manager has their “idiot” days. Even Earl Weaver and Sparky Anderson and Casey Stengel. Give Sveum a chance. He’s still learning and trying to figure out what he has with this team. He’s a baseball guy and he’s no dummy.

Would you rather have Bobby Valentine? Oh please no… 🙂

Marmol says he is frustrated! How does he think his teammates feel?
How does he think every Cubs fan feels when they watch him throw
away game after game? Please please do not let him close again. He is
a real downer. We watch the game for enjoyment and the fun of
watching our young guys achieve success – a fun great game today
until Marmol ruined it.

Marmol to the Yankees to be with his old friend Rothchild. Get on the phone Theo

Was there a vivit to the mound? Can’t the manager dictate the calls the catcher gives to the pitcher?

I can only hope that the management looks at this blog and for the sake of all long time cub fans send marmol to a land far far away from the pitchers mound in the majors

It’s time for Marmol to be gone, 90% of the time he loses the game for the Cubs, let’s get rid of him now. We need a pitcher who can relieve and it’s not him. So good-bye Marmol.

Considering a change? Why consider. He knows the answer!! Time to send Carlos somewhere else until he can through strikes!!

What’s a “vivit”? 🙂
I think Sveum is no idiot and he recognizes this year as a total loss therefore he will go a certain amount of time with the likes of Marmol and Soriano, saying all the “right” things about the two of them, trot them out there until a futility marker is reached and then he will pull the plug with both of them and reduce their roles, paving the way to trades or releases…o.k. somebody please wake me up now…..

Agree totally. I was not thrilled at first when the Cubs hired Sveum. I wanted Francona as first choice and then Mike Maddux as 2nd choice. When they hired Sveum, I was like “yawn”… But after reading about his past and knowledge of baseball and how players like him and how he’s going to hold people accountable (and he will), I realize he’s much better than I anticipated and I can see him managing a team (hopefully it will be the Cubs) deep into the playoffs someday. Theo and Hoyer truely know baseball big time and thye were impressed with Sveum. That’s good enough for me.

Please don’t get on Sveum’s case if the Cubs finish last or 2nd to last this year. Theo and company and Sveum inherited a total mess. Gonna take a little time to clean it up. But he’ll do it within 2 years.

The Cubs will lose more games with Marmol as closer , than they can win with him as closer. That is a fact, 18 oitches today and 12 were balls !

I completely agree with you, Sir. I was screaming at the radio Thurs. after those first two walks were issued by Carlos, demanding that the manager remove the feckless hurler. Almost every pitch was nowhere close to the strike zone. Which game was the manger observing?

Why are managers so inherently conservative and predictable?! Anyone with the most moderate baseball IQ can see within the first two batters what Carlos “where wins turn to losses” Marmol brings to a closing situation. As a compassionate human being I feel for anyone that looks as lost as he did when he left the mound in Cincy having destroyed Dempster’s birthday beauty. Did it really take five batters for Sveum to figure out Carlos didn’t have it? Five batters? Five batters? Is the closer’s ego that fragile? One time I’d like to see a manager, any manager yank his closer after a leadoff walk (or at least the second walk!). Or better yet, bring back the complete game!
My ancestors, all life long Cub fans are spinning in their graves.

Old School Andy,
Eugene, OR

Old School Andy you hit it on the head. Real old school John. If a starter is pitching lights out after the 8th I still do not see why Mangers on a regular basis pull them for a closer. You know your starter is pitching lights out. You do not know what your closer will do in most cases. In particular with Marmol. He led the league in blown saves last year and likely would do it again unless our Manager has finally gotten the message. I would have pulled Marmol after one walk. You do not have to be a baseball expert to understand Marmol. Watching him game after game do the same thing is all you need to see. The Manger should at least be embarrassed. I do not blame Marmol as much as I blame the Manager. Marmol wants to get people out. He does not want to be embarrassed or out of baseball. I will take this one step further and say he does not have a repeatable throwing motion and until he can he will never have any consistency. Some smart pitching coach might actually be able to teach Marmol a repeatable motion. It is to late for him in Chicago under any circumstances. From Theo on down all should have gotten the final message last night. How many wins has he already cost us and it is only 4 May. I feel sorry for Marmol. He is not monster. It is the Manger that keeps running him out there and who fails to pull him until we have lost. If he runs him out there again with us having a lead late then I would fire the Manger at this point. The GM should march into Dale’s office and tell him to remove him as closer and let Dale pick who ever he wants to close. If we cannot trade him perhaps a stint at AAA might be worth while. I would even consider starting him at AAA so he will get enough work to see if he can throw strikes. We have a closer in Iowa who I believe has an ERA under 2.0 and i really been doing well. Perhaps pitcher of the month?

Boy the Cubs sure miss Sean Marshall, what a deal that was. I’m really impressed with Travis Wood so far.

any fool can see marmol needs to go come on man,

Rivera, of the yankees is gone for the year, Rothchild is their pitching coach, when he was the cubs pitching coach Marmol had his best years. What am saying? Gey on the phone Theo and get use a new bag of balls.I

You are correct. I was listening to a talk show this morning about the Yankees needing a closer. They can get him cheap and it might be worth a gamble for them as the guy really does have some great stuff. If you could harness him you would have the real deal.

Ok, I agree Sveum is better than I thought he would be, and that is coming from a huge Sandberg supporter. But how far do you take some of these guys? follow the money trial.
And for you Marshall folks, Sean is one of the best set up/lefty specialist relievers in the game. But he is not a closer, and he has proven that in cin. already. He does not have closer stuff. We don’t have a closer on our roster. We have guys who can, or are being used in that role, but no closers.
So Mr Sveum you can not continue to run guys out there as if you have all of the pieces. In a perfect world your closer would do his job, 9 1/2 out of 10 days. But you don’t have that team.
So enough status quo. The first month you got an idea of what you have now use it.
Good baseball guys, which I believe you are, know how to use what they. And sometimes that means understanding what you don’t have.

Front office we love the big picture gig you are pushing, and we know it will take time to get there. But your PR view on things is running thin!

I think because the money must be followed is EXACTLY why Sveum is running out Marmol AND Soriano. I believe Sveum is making a very big statement that the big money guys from Hendry’s House Of Horrors will be put on display during the “Lost Season” to expose to the fan base, the world and Epstein that the last of the two Hendry dinosaurs will soon be extinct. BUT, sacrifices such as Dempster’s great game(s) and one run losses must be made in order to put a final end to these two Cubs and there misguided careers mistakenly given life by Dr. Von Hendrystein.
Marmol COSTS us games and Soriano COSTS us games and Sveum is making this very evident WHILE HE CAN. He must do this before the promotion of Jackson and others because if some kids were brought up BEFORE the nails in Soriano’s and Marmol’s coffin were driven deep Sveum would not have as much leverage to play the kids over these two veteran BUMS.

Sevum is not trying to lose games intentionally. He does not want to show up Marmol or Soriano. He does not want to destroy team confidence in himself. He does not want to hurt Dempster or any other pitcher who has thrown a good game. He does not need to show Theo or the GM anything. They have eyes. If he did not get the message last night then he should be ordered not to use Marmol to close or to be relieved of his position. The GM should be making every effort to move Marmol. If he cannot trade him then send him to the AAA and bring up the young closer who is burning it up in Iowa. Maybe Marmol can find himself at AAA under new coaching. I imagine the pressure he is under to be horrendous. His lively hood is at stake.

The Yankees just lost Mo Rivera to an ACL. Larry Rothschild is the Yankees’ pitching coach. I say we send Marmol to the Yanks and take whatever they’ll give us in return. This could actually end up a win – win deal for both teams.

just curious as to why you think Soriano is losing us games? The dude has a 1.000 fielding percentage… that means ZERO errors. He is hitting right around what he has hit the last 3 seasons .250…which isn’t great and needs improvement. So you say he hasn’t hit any homers. Yeah that is a problem but one that should correct itself. Pujols has 0 homers do you think he will hit any this season? Well according to Joey Pujols is done… haha… If you guys think Soriano should be producing more you are crazy. Just because he hits 4th? The dude isn’t a 4 hitter…hasn’t been for awhile now. The only reason he is in the 4 hole is because WE HAVE NO ONE ELSE!! That’s the way this team was built. You want to point fingers at guys who are losing games for us point them at the ones that deserve it. Marmol(blown save after blown save), Soto(hitting .161), Stewart(hitting .188), Dejesus (leadoff hitter hitting .235)… sick and tired of people running their mouth for no apparent reason… check the stats before you do. Post some stats to support your argument. Don’t just come on here and start running your mouth.

From my view Soriano has not been losing games. He is playing a decent LF and his fielding is much improved. He is actually the best LF we have. We all know he is paid to much for what he produces but he certainly is not losing games. It is possible Rizzo could come up soon and LaHair might move to LF where he has played before. That is what I see on my radar. LaHair and Castro are the only real hitters we have at this time who are consistent. LaHair could end up with 35-40 HR the way he is hitting. It is hard to believe he can keep this up but you never know. I sure did not think LaHair was going to be this good. I will eat a plate full of crow for my past comments about him. Rizzo is just crushing the ball at Iowa for average and power. I do not see how they can keep him down there considering how much we need hitting.

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joeydafish is right. god, I hate writing that . . .

Again petrey my previous comment about Pujols was his contract MAY look bad IF he’s done. I did not STATE he was done. You should read before you comment. Soriano is losing us games because he is not contributing with RBIs or homeruns as HE SHOULD BE. Yes, Pujols is ALSO losing games for HIS team but I thought this was about the CUBS.
“us guys” DO think Soriano SHOULD be producing more, why wouldn’t we think that?
He is the no. 4/5 hitter, you know petrey, the hitters counted on for an RBI here and there let alone a homerun. Your’e the crazy one evidently as I don’t see anybody else on YOUR bandwagon. Oh…..you must mean we’re crazy for expecting more from Soriano because he IS a washed up, overevaluted holdover HENDRY MISTAKE, I see. If that’s the case I’m glad you agree with me and most everybody about THAT. But I do apologize as once again I neglected to get your permission to give my thoughts on a subject and forgot that you are in charge of this blog and can dictate who can and who can’t “come on here”, Carrie must be paying you big bucks as a producer?. Nice to know I’m spreading roots under your skin, makes it all the more worhwhile. “WE HAVE NO ONE ELSE”??? Tell that to Mather, Johnson, Jackson…..Soriano does not set a high bar…. how many stats are needed to show that? 2012: 0 HR, .250 BA, 11 (that’s E L E V E N, easier to read petrey?) RBI Hello??? THOSE STATS ARE COSTING US AT LEAST SOME GAMES.
Anybody out there that thinks we have NO ONE ELSE that can match or surpass
THOSE incredable stats? I’d rather be alone and sane on this than crazy and with petrey.

The only one doing any real contributing on our team is LaHair, Castro and our starters. Soriano is doing better than our 3rd baseman who is batting under .200 and helped lose a game with his fielding the other day. Our CF is starting to KO regularly. Our catcher was batting under .200 the last time i looked. I think Soriano may be one of our better RBI guys. You sure cannot lay the poor play of the Cubs on Soriano. It is a team effort. The only reason we are doing as good as we are is our top three starters are doing the job and then Marmol comes in late and blows the game.

you can hendry this and hendry that all day if you want. You think Soriano batting .250 with no homers is losing us games??? Are you forgetting everyone batting after Soriano is batting less than 200. Its a team game. Soriano’s value so far has been much higher than the players I previously stated. But you want to put in Johnson who is batting .194 or Jackson who strikes out FAR MORE THAN SORIANO and who we would also lose a year of service time if brought up now and cost more sooner or wait Mather who is no more better defensively than Soriano is but I will say as of RIGHTNOW his bat would probably be equal to if not more but then would you have him batting 4th like Soriano? Maybe YOU would but anyone in there right mind wouldn’t. No one on my side? Sure seems like John Holt is… who is supporting you claims? Where is your alter ego Belgium at? Bout time for him to show up and post his support. The fact of the matter is Soriano is doing quite well for the cards he is being dealt. The guy isn’t a 4/5 hitter and we all know that but the way this team is built he HAS to be. I would be happier dealing Soriano or Dejesus so we could bring up Jackson but that won’t happen for a month or two. and BTW i am not saying Soriano is worth his contract. I am just saying he is playing well for the situation the team is in and isn’t the one costing us games.

Thanks to georgealtmanfan…I understand, and it’s appreciated even more.

I agree and respect John L. Holt’s view as I too think Soriano has improved on HIS OWN DEFENSE, but was that really that difficult to do? I suppose it WAS, so congrats to Soriano on his improved defense. I can’t possibly see how he is NOT costing us at least a few close games with his lack of run production? I believe this year alone, in one game he was at the dish with the bases loaded and produced…..no runs???? Just one example. I also agree that Sveum is not intentionally LOSING GAMES, my point was he is intentionally PLAYING SORIANO AND MARMOL….dam* the results. Hoystein must be hitting the brick wall we all know exists when it comes to TRADING either Soriano or Marmol. If traded they would bring back a minimal return, the “return” must be perceived as open roster spots for other players to step up. Will the brick wall prove too much leading to a demotion for Marmol and a release for Soriano? 2013? 2014? The kids can be held at bay for only so long. That is if Epstein is true to his word and would prefer a better team. Listen, nothing is easy in the game, playing, managing or general managing but I don’t think there is a collective “best we can do” as there are better options than
Soriano, Marmol, DeWitt etc. So the mighty dollar is still king no matter a new regime or not.

for the last time… the reason the young guys aren’t up RIGHT NOW is because 1) They hit arbitration one year sooner, costing the Cubs more money which is exactly what you are whining about right now. So do you want them to be financially conscious or not? Im confused. 2) We also lose one year of control of that spect…. do you want them around as long as possible?…. be patient by july we will see plenty of young guys and hopefully cut Dewitt and trade marmol and dejesus/soriano… the FO said it will take a little time we are only 25 games in. 137 left relax

First, I would like to thank petrey for giving me authorization to “Hendry this and Hendry that” all day as now I will not feel bad when I continue to do so. What a load off my chest, THANKS OH MIGHTY PETREY!! Also, I am not as shortsided as petrey for I am looking BEYOND “everybody” batting after Soriano, I will be open minded and consider the minor leagues as well as the ML roster. By the way, I bleieve Joe Mather who bats after Soriano when in the line up is batting .320, but who am I to introduce and use STATS to back up a claim???? Right? Mather is no better defensivley than Soriano?? I love a good laugh in the middle of the day, THANKS AGAIN PETREY!! The only BAD card that Soriano was dealt (poor Soriano, being dealt such a bad hand, playing baseball for millions of dollars, why the nerve!) is the bad card dealt by Hendry signing him for 8 years as a left fielder when he belonged in the AL as a DH (that’s Designated Hitter petrey, not Doh Hendry!). Remember…PERMISSION! Playing well for the situation the team is in? Huh? That’s acceptable? He’s part of the reason the team IS in such a dire situation. I understand you’re confused petrey, that is evident by your comments, no worries one day you may “get it”. I want the Cubs to be as financially responsable to the point of NOT WASTING roster spots and money with one fell swoop of the pen, in other words no more Soriano contracts. That is no longer a problem with Hendry (permisssion!) gone thank God. I don’t care about control, or saving a year or two as I don’t want the kids to be around AS LONG AS POSSIBLE because that would include being around past their prime and as we all know Hendry (perm…ah you get it by now…maybe, or are you still confused?) has made a mess with that “strategy”. How about the kids be around long enough to win a couple of playoff games for crying out loud? Wouldn’t THAT be long enough? Not to mention a CHANCE at a World Series. Be patient. Relax. Boy petrey you sure like telling me what to do, maybe you ARE royalty and are not use to free will? But what’s to worry about? If you keep your word we will not here you lecture anybody about arbitration, losing a year, losing control as you said…”last time”. I do get the logic about not bringing up kids in order to “save” dollars and time but I kind of think most of us fans would be o.k. rolling the dice since it’s been oh…only 103 years of futility. Thanks for your time your higness.

Joe Mather in LF?….Anybody? Hello?

How about LaHair in LF and Rizzo at first base? LaHair has played the corner OF positions. Our Mangers comment about using two different closers other than Marmol is a little late. Marmol, as I recall led MLB in blown saves last year. A question that should be asked is why was he the closer this year and for this long since he is a league leader this year in blown saves? Dale, you are a bit late to the party. Any Cub fan could have advised you to change closers before the season even started. A quick look at the stats from last year would have told you and Theo the same thing. I thought Theo was sort of computer oriented (Billy Ball) when he came to the Cubsl. Well, any computer PC or Mac would have quickly told you to not have Marmol as a closer this year long before he lost us 4 or more games. That computer would have been right on.

Soriano, 3 hits, multiple RBI!!! Maybe he’ll heat up if he feels the heat by Mather? Whatever it takes to make trading him easier!

What I really like this year is Soriano’s fielding. He running hard and diving and giving it his all. Not so last year. No one can say he is not trying. Some team may actually want him come July.

LaHair in left, Rizzo at first??? O.K. allright, as long as Soriano is not starting you sold me. I would have to hope it doesn’t effect LaHair, he can probably handle it as it would not be considered a demotion, just a move to facillitate a good hitter that CAN’T play left field(?). We already haeve a mediocre hitter that can’t play left field so might as well upgrade with a legit hitter. I still think Sveum is doing what Epstein wants, use Marmol for a short period of time ONE LAST TIME to solidify the decision to demote him….which took a month into the season. But I guess they had to “be sure”. Now, I am afraid Wood will be ill advisedly counted on to be both HEALTHY and good….oh boy. 2013, here we come.

Most of these guys will play anywhere to stay in MLB. Rizzo said the other day he would play catcher if that is what it takes to gen him to the majors. I recall in high school I was just an average player. We had no catchers so I quickly became a catcher just to play. I was not great but good enough to start. Sure beat sitting on the bench as a reserve SS.

i didn’t read any of that ridiculously long post… you can come on here and rant about Soriano all you want but the fact is he is playing well… very well actually… we haven’t seen this soriano for a few years. He will heat up just like Mather won’t hit .320ish the whole year. Chirp all you want joey… just sick of soriano bashing for no reason and hendry’s name coming up in every post…. hendry’s gone move on

Are you two related? You sound like brothers talking to each other. LOL

I am also sick of hearing about Hendry. He is goooooooonnnnnnnnneeeee! Where were you when he traded for Aram who gave us 8 solid years. I never read anyone complaining about signing Soriano when it happened. In fact all I heard was what a great deal. As always that 20/20 hindsight is perfect.

Awesome petrey, I appreciate you allowing me to “come here” (YOUR blog???) and rant about Soriano, I think I will. I am glad YOU’RE happy with him playing VERY WELL (yikes, you DO have some low standards). I agree he will heat up as the season moves along and along and along, in fact he may hit a few homers by season’s end. I don’t think Mather will hit .320 the whole year, nor did I ever say he would, but you wouldn’t know that because you don’t read my posts. Hendry, Hendry, Hendry, Hendry, Hendry, Hendry, Hendry.

Obviously John L. Holt (I am assuming you are addressing me even though you leave me out of your comment) you have not been around this blog for very long???
Just wondering because “where I was” was ALWAYS giving Hendry complete credit and accolades for two (and POSSIBLY only) fantastic trades. One being for Aram and the other for D Lee. But I can see how you could ASSUME that wouldn’t be the case as those posts were a few years ago when you weren’t involved? I guess?
For the record I think the Aram and D Lee trades were instrumental and genius, the Soriano contract as I have also said in the past would haunt this team because of the 8 years. Also for the record, I agree with John L. Holt, I recognize a great effort on Soriano’s part when it comes to fielding, running and he even seems to be putting in a much better effort at the plate quite possibly explaining his lack of power. Even with that new found effort he should be moved down in the order or put on the bench for a time. Hopefully this will all go away by the beginning of 2013 as Hoystein confirms that Sorry has no instrumental part in their new game plan and he will be finally traded to the AL. I think that would be the best way to part ways for both parties.

I was not addressing you my friend but just a general comment. I have been around since before computers much less blogs. My old Cub Fan card predates T-Rex. My favorite first baseman was Phil Caverretta if that gives you an idea. With today’s roster I see no one any better than Soriano to put in LF. Of course I know he is paid to much and will have to go but all the other major league teams know the same thing. The question then comes to do we want to pay some team 20 million to take him at the end of the year. Our payroll is already down to $88 million. Our owners may decided to reduce the payroll to $68 million to cover the loss. I had rather keep the $20 million along with Soriano than do that. He is not playing much worse than any of the other light hitters on this team. I expect by years end he will have his usual 25 home runs if he plays. We have weak position players all over the place and we do not have enough up and comers in the minors to fill those positions in the near future. I think at the end of the year and after free agency we will have a real idea of what the owners and Theo’s plan is for our future. I personally doubt that Theo would have come here if the owner had told him I land to cut the payroll by 30% over the long run. That tells me this years payroll must be an anomaly unless the owners needed more cash or to show a profit on investment. In the end most things in business do get down to money in one form or the other.

John it will be the year of 2030 and Joey will still be ranting about something hendry…. it won’t ever stop…

I think it is very possible that our Manger saved Marmol’s career last night. I think every Cub fan on the planet would have pulled Marmol after he put the first two men on and threw a wild pitch. Marmol gathered himself and started throwing strikes. Had he lost that game and been humiliated he very well may have faded into obscurity. Our Manger showed a lot of courage or was dumb and kept Marmol in there to retire the side. This had to instill some confidence in him and he was as pumped up as I have ever seen him. It sure would help our cause and Marmols if he could return to form. His value would also jump really high if he could return to form as teams all over MLB are needing closers. Can you imagine the fans outrage had Marmol stayed in and we had lost? I would have been one of the first to post what I thought and it was not pretty. People will soon forget this but it may have well been a turning point.

You know something petrey, despite our differences I’m starting to sense some kind of kinsmanship and can truthfully say should the day come we meet, our passion will trump our adversity and we would be quicker to embrace than to embattle. I would be happy as ivy on a brick wall should the year 2030 arrive and we are BOTH around to reflect on some truly hilarious comments by both of us!! Seriously, imagine this blog without the two of us?? Speaking of Hend…just kidding!!

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