5/3 Wells heads back to Iowa

Randy Wells wasn’t happy about being sent down to Triple-A Iowa but the Cubs aren’t going to carry 14 pitchers. Wells and Scott Maine were both optioned to Iowa to make room for Ryan Dempster and Kerry Wood, both activated off the disabled list. Maine’s departure leaves the Cubs with one lefty, James Russell, in the bullpen.

“[Maine] did a good job while he was here, a really good job, and it’s very nice to have those two lefties in the bullpen,” Dale Sveum said.

Wells, 29, went 0-1 with a 6.23 ERA in two starts for Chicago following his recall April 22. He walked nine and gave up nine hits over 8 2/3 innings.

“It is what it is,” Wells said. “I didn’t pitch well. There’s no one really to blame but yourself. You obviously want to pitch well and put yourself in a good position but the numbers don’t stack up.”

“He’s got a future here,” Sveum said of Wells, “but we can’t sit here and promise anything. Right now, that’s the role he’s in is the swing man, coming up when we need starts.”

The Phillies scored four runs off Wells in the fourth inning on Saturday. Wells, who will be inserted into Iowa’s rotation, was upset at the high number of walks in his two starts.

“The walks are the only thing that spoils this,” the right-hander said. “I thought I pitched pretty good against the Reds [on April 22]. Five walks [stinks]. The fourth inning in Philly, things unraveled. It’s no different than what I’ve been the last three years, it’s one bad inning. Chalk it up as a bad day and get back to work.”

* Wood will be eased into games, and used in less stressful situations such as the sixth and seventh innings, Sveum said.

— Carrie Muskat


Not only was Maine pitching really well, statistically, but he’s a Lefty. With him gone, we only have one Lefty in the Pen in Russell and now Russell will be in reservation for closing opportunities now that Marmol is out and it’s closer by committee. And Maine doesn’t seem to be just a Lefty specialist. In his short lived career he has been successful against hitters from both sides of the plate. Maine has more minor league experience than Castillo, with great numbers. He has had a high conversion rate in his closing opportunities in the minors, and has done well at all levels A, AA, and AAA. I know he’s young and inexperienced and doesn’t have much of a track record at the Major league level (which incudes a rocky 2011); but I would like to see him in more pressure situations in the big leagues. If he does well. Why not groom him to be a big league closer? Why did Maine get sent down and not Castillo? What do they see in Catillo? He has very little minor league experience.
I read it’s because Maine got behind in the count sometimes and didn’t show complete control of all his pitches. Well, regardless of if he fell behind or not – he got guys out. We simply need outs – no matter how scary they are. The Cubs current bullpen is struggling and we send down a guy who has been pitching well????

Aaron, you mean Wellington Castillo? The catcher right? I think they don’t want to send him down because with Clevenger’s unfortunate injury Castillo is the only backup to the backup who is Soto. Hendry.

I think we are talking Lendy Castillo… he cannot be sent down because he was a Rule 5 pick-up so has to remain on the 25 man roster or be returned to the Phillies. We are really up against it carrying Bowden (who is out of options) and Lendy Castillo in a pen where Marmol and Wood are imploding.

Thanks for the response joeydafish. No, I mean the relief pitcher Lendy Castillo. I wouldn’t want them to send down our backup catcher’s backup. Ha!
(yeah, too bad about Clevenger – I’m hoping when he comes back that he continues his good play).
I figured out why they are keeping Lendy Castillo in the majors. He’s a rule 5 draft pick from this last winter’s meetings. http://www.baseballamerica.com/blog/prospects/2011/12/2011-rule-5-draft-results/
As per the rules of Rule 5 Draft go, he has to stay in the Bigs for the entire year in order for the Cubs to keep him. They don’t have the option to send him to AAA. If they don’t want him on the club, he’s out of their possession.
Too bad their hands are tied in this way. But if the Cub’s brass loses patience with saving a roster spot for Castillo and is willing to release him, I’m hoping Maine is called up right away. Castillo hasn’t even pitched since April 20th.

Hustlelikereed: I just posted the above before seeing your post. You are spot on! (and I didn’t know Bowden is out of options – Ouch!).
Yeah our pen is thin!
Dolis/Russell – closer by committee and the other the set up man???
Wood/Marmol = struggling!!! But likely have longer leashes before going to AAA
Castillo/Bowden= we have to pitch them to not lose them, even if not pitching well
and that leaves us with only Shawn Camp to count on for regular relief duty that will be earned by merit, as it should be; with the option of being demoted a little sooner than all the others if performing poorly. And Lefties have hit him really well on average over his career, including this year! So that limits his usage/assets.
Additionally….and as I said above. If Russell is closing, we have Zero lefties available in regular relief roles! The faster we get Maine back, the better.

Ugghh…. nevermind. Camp doesn’t have options left either. Ridiculous!

Thanks for the Castillo update, I forgot he was in the pen. This is a trying year…but the new managing team is doing exactly that, TRYING. To figure out next year’s roster and weed out some players. And hopefully trying to free up LF too for a much better, all around player than Soriano.

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